Striped Topshop Blouse + Red Lips and Velvet Pumps OOTD

Top – 
Topshop Nordstrom, others here | Jeans – Hudson ‘Nico’ My FAV’s! | Heels – Sam Edelman Velvet Heels, I LOVE these too | Earrings – Diamond Studs, Best CZ here  | Ring – Ruby diamond halo ring, similar here | Handbag – Chanel Maxi flap in caviar leather, similar here and YSL here

I usually don’t wear a red lip, but I felt like I had to with this awesome statement top. This Topshop blouse it very pretty. My favorite part are the cuffs on the end of the sleeves. They have a really stiff cuff with ties on them. They add a lot of structure and flare to the top IMO. I also wore this top with a black pencil skirt tucked in and it was so cute! It has been on sale at Nordstrom, but I posted some similar styles above. I decided to whip out my Chanel Maxi for this outfit. It’s the first Chanel bag I ever bought and it holds a special place in my heart. It was my push present for Audrey. I’ll keep this bag forever. It is huge compared to the other flap bags but it works with my height. I definitely prefer the caviar leather over lambskin though. I don’t like to worry about my bags and lambskin is a very delicate leather. I had a jumbo in the lambskin and it scratched very easily. One time I barely grazed it with my nail and that was all it took to leave a permanent scratch on it. My shoes are by Sam Edelman. They are a ruby red velvet color. I have searched high and low for this shoe with no luck. The style is all over the place, but the velvet is a little harder to find. They have a great selection of this pump in suede though.  And of course I’m wearing my favorite denim by Hudson here. They are so comfortable I could sleep in them…..seriously. I do need to start branching out though. I see some really cute outfit posts with the ‘ripped jean’ look and I think I want to give it a try.  Well that’s it loves!



Revel Dip Nails

Hey guys I am new to the dip nail trend. I’ve been hearing people talk about it and I’ve been getting tired of my peeling gel manicures. They start peeling so quickly in certain spots. As long as I fight the urge to peel them more they last, but that’s a tall order. Revel Nail sent me a starter kit including these 2 colors I used today – Crux and Isadora. This is only my second time doing my dip nails so I’m still getting the hang of it. You can see how I do it IN THIS VIDEO.

Difficulty Level

I found dip nails to be fairly easy once I got the hang of the steps. It is more work than a gel polish because it requires more filing. It’s also more damaging to your nail. All of these things are a down side, but when you consider the lasting power it balances out. My first manicure was pretty pathetic and it would have easily lasted 2 weeks or more. I ended up taking it off at 9 days though because my nails had grown out. I didn’t like the color of my first dip manicure so I ended up filing it down and painting over it with 2 coats of gel polish. It worked great! It worked way better than if I would have painted the gel on my nail. I didn’t have any peeling or lifting of the gel OR the dip nail. So that’s exciting to know that if I don’t like the color I can easily paint over it with my gel polish.

Recommended Nail Kit Buys

If you do dip or gel nails I cannot recommend and electric drill enough. It makes it so much easier and quicker. I can’t believe it took be this long to buy one. I have this one below from amazon.

You remove dip nails similar to gel polish. I have a video I’ll post about my removal of them. The most helpful thing I have are nail clips. They are so helpful and easy to use and I’m so glad to not have to use foil anymore.

Last but certainly not least – the Revel Nail Kit. I recommend buying a starter kit and then adding to it. There are a LOT of colors available and they are $10-$14 each. I think I would like to add more colors to my kit, but the fact that I can still use my gel colors on top of a dip nail is AMAZING! I was worried that I invested all of this money on gel colors and now they would never get used. I know that I will start with dip nails and then when I want to change the color I’ll use my gel. Best of both worlds!



Pho’ Run Pho Fun With My Baby Girl! + OOTD

TOP – Pima Cotton long sleeve from Nordstrom Rack, I also love these | JEANS – AFFORDABLE ALERT! These jeans are less than $10 from  WalmartJacket – Costco (YES really!) But a similar option here | Boots – Stuart Weitzman Lowlands -> cheaper dupe here ON SALE! | HANDBAG – Hermes Evelyne GM, similar here and here | Watch – trusty FitBit Charge2 | Earrings – Diamond Studs -> best dupes here

I couldn’t resist myself with the title! I’ve been craving Vietnamese food so much lately. It’s weird because when I lived in Arizona I craved it at least once a week. Then when I lived in Colorado I craved it about every 2-3 weeks. Now that we’re in Texas I crave it about once every month or every other month. When I was pregnant with Elliot I was so sick . I stopped eating it all together, but now that I’m starting to feel like myself the cravings are coming back. I like eating Vietnamese food. It’s my favorite type of food and most of it is pretty guilt free. It’s generally a good mix of carbs, veggies, and proteins. I’m sad to report that back in Colorado there isn’t a lot of great food. It took me years to find a good Vietnamese restaurant there. I tried at least a dozen! That’s one HUGE plus to living in Texas. It is flooded with great food and a lot of amazing non chain and local chains restaurants. When we first arrived my hairstylist told me “get ready to gain weight”. I didn’t believe him because I didn’t even gain the “Freshmen 15”, but he was right. I’ve gained weight here. The food is just so good and it’s EVERYWHERE! Even our Popeyes Chicken is better here haha! Since I gain weight in my thighs and abdomen, there comes a point in time when I have to say to myself “Is that food really worth not being able to fit into your Stuart Weitzman boots or Hudson Nicos?” The answer is usually “maybe?” depending on how hungry I am lol.

So it’s always nice to go out for a Pho run because I won’t feel guilty after. This outfit is super casual and comfy. There are a few things I NEED to tell you about though. These jeans are from Walmart and they are less than $10! I think I paid less than $8 in store. These jeans SAVED ME while I was losing the baby weight. I didn’t want to live in my yoga pants and sweats for a year so I went to Walmart and bought a few pairs of these. I spent less than $30 and they got me through the year I was working to lose the baby weight. Now that I can fit into some of my old jeans I still reach for them though. I need to go buy more in the size I am now because they are great. They have all different washes and colors available. I found mine in store, but they have them online too. Seriously – wearing a pair of $8 jeans helps me save $$$ so I can occasionally splurge on Stuart Weitzman boots. These black Lowlands are my first pair of SW boots and they are awesome.

This is how I like it. Save money on certain items so I can splurge on others. Even if I had enough money to bathe in, I probably wouldn’t change how I spend it on clothing. It’s fun for me to save money and shop around for the best deals.



Old Navy Dress + Rhinestone Sandals OOTD

Boho Dress – 
Old Navy, similar HERE | Rhinestone Sandals – ON SALE at Nordstrom | Sunglasses – Tom Ford Anoushka | Ruby Halo Ring – similar found HERE | Watch – FitBit Charge 2 my rose gold band found HERE | Handbag – Hermes Evelyne GM but similar  affordable options HERE and HERE and this super cute Kate Spade

Hi guys meet my dog Baron. I’m sure you know him if you watch my vlogs on YouTube you see him all the time. If you don’t you can subscribe to my channel HERE. Baron is a 130lbs Rottweiler that I’ve had since college. He is my very first baby. He’s a HUGE part of our family (literally) and we all love him so much. He’s the class clown and the easy going wise soul. He’s going to be 9 soon so technically he’s an old man now. He’s the best dog with kids. When he was younger I started training him myself and I was really invested in socializing him. It’s very common for dogs bite out of anxiety, so I really worked with Baron to avoid this. With big dogs it’s SO important to train them because they can do a lot of damage unintentionally. There are no bad breeds only bad owners. I don’t know what I’ll do when he leaves us.

We took him on a nice long walk in the park today. I never used to enjoy walking, but as I get older I really love having this quite time with my family. The Double Bob has been AMAZING to have with 2 kids. We can do a lot of outdoor things and we don’t have to worry about Audrey getting tired. Little legs can’t go very far without fatigue. It was pretty warm so I got to wear this Boho dress from Old Navy. They have a huge selection. I need to shop there more. I always find things I like when I stop in the store. I bought these sandals last week because I’m thinking ahead to Spring. Here in Texas we’ll probably start having nice weather in about 2 weeks. I wanted a pair of flat sandals that I could dress up and down. These rhinestone sandals are on sale right now so get them while you can! I wore them on our long walk and they were very comfortable. Are you getting ready for Spring yet?