Simple Human Sensor Mirror

 photo CE16561B-9498-4532-9184-7BAFCE16E9A1_zps5woorocm.jpg

Tom bought me the Simple Human Sensor Mirror for our anniversary. I had mentioned it to him months ago and I guess he remembered. This mirror is not cheap at $200. I would definitely consider it a luxury item. It’s not something I would have splurged on if I hadn’t received it as a gift. But this mirror is SO nice! We’ve all seen a lighted magnifying mirror, but this is an LED, rechargeable, battery operated, portable mirror. Intrigued yet?

The LED light is by far the best mirror light I’ve seen. It’s almost as good as sunlight. And let’s face it, the mirror is beautiful. It’s heavy and solid. I love that I can pick it up and take it anywhere. The sensor is sleek and responsive. Audrey is so funny. Every time she see’s the mirror she says it makes her head big! The 8 inch mirror has 5x magnification. You can get more magnification if you down size in diameter. For me the 8 inch is perfect.

I’ve never seen another mirror like this anywhere. I hope technology improves so more companies can offer similar products at a better price point. I love everything about this mirror but the price. $200 is a lot to pay, but the 5 year warranty does sweeten the deal a bit. Although I hope I never have to use it. I can’t say anything about longevity since I’ve only owned this mirror for a week.

Do I recommend this? YES! If you can afford it then I say go for it. It’s hard not to be impressed with this mirror. It sure does look good on my vanity 🙂

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Compared to my battery operated Conair mirror $39.99

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Tom Ford Quads

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Tom Ford WHY aren’t you more affordable?!

Today I have 5 Tom Ford Quads to show you. These sell at $80 a pop, which is INSANELY expensive in my opinion. If you have the money then I would say these are a nice splurge. HOWEVER if I was going to buy a TF item it would be a lipstick not an eye shadow quad. For the most part I felt like something was lacking with each quad. Meaning – I wouldn’t be able to go on a trip and take just one to fulfill both daytime and evening looks. If I’m going to spend $80 on an eye shadow palette I would like it to be a one stop shop kind of deal.

My top picks in order:

  1. Nude Dip
  2. Titanium Smoke
  3. Golden Mink
  4. Orchid Haze
  5. Silvered Topaz

Golden Mink – The top gold and copper colors are beautiful glitter shadows! This palette is really nice, but with 2 out of 4 being glitter shadows I can see how this could limit you a bit.
 photo Golden Mink amp Silvered Topaz 2_zpsx77hzy6n.jpg
 photo 01 Golden Mink_zpsffdcahrg.jpg
Silvered Topaz – I was not impressed with this quad. The shadows were a nice texture but I felt like the color family was a bit boring.
 photo 05 Silvered Topaz_zps7udm8akf.jpg

Orchid Haze & Titanium Smoke


Orchid Haze – a nice purple quad. I have no complaints other than the fact that I rarely reach for a purple shadow. I can’t say that this would be ‘worth’ the cost even though it is nice quality. There are several brands that have purple colors in their palettes for much less money.
 photo Orchid Haze amp Titanium Smoke_zpsuhbcx2kr.jpg

Titanium Smoke was my second favorite out of the 5. The top left color looks gold, but it actually transfers as a beautiful silver glitter. These shadows are lovely and this quad is great for night looks. I don’t think this palette would be suited for daytime looks.
 photo Titanium Smoke_zpshtgvxtnv.jpg

Nude Dip – This quad is by far my favorite out of the 5. I thought I was going to feel unfulfilled by not having a matte shadow but I wasn’t. I did a simple daytime smoky eye and I didn’t feel like the shimmer was too much. The colors all blend and work together well. The top left is a great highlight for the inner corners which is a huge bonus for me. I do think that I would add a darker shadow if I were going out in the evening.

 photo Nude Dip_zpseyeguqae.jpg


My Favorite Home Scents

I have to show you guys my home scent staples! I’ve been loving some old products and a few new finds from Marshalls. I love great candles but I can’t stand spending a ton of money for something that will be used up in 2 weeks.


Toddler Goggles

Frogglez Swimming Goggles with Universal Strap for Kids

Aqua Sphere Seal Kid Swim Goggle

I bought these two goggles on Amazon to try for Audrey. She is almost 3 years old, but has gotten used to wearing goggles while swimming. Her swim school recommended I buy some for her and I purchased her first pair from them. In the beginning she hated wearing them. I didn’t push it and when she’d ask for them I would put them on and when she wanted them off I would take them off. I think as she grew older she started noticing that they helped her see better under the water. She started asking to wear her goggles at swimming pools and got really comfortable with them on. Eventually we lost the first pair from the swim school and since then I had purchased other “toddler”sized goggles, ALL of which leaked or wouldn’t seal. I finally decided to spend some coin and get good quality pairs.

IMG_4325 IMG_4326

The Frogglez seem like a great idea and we have tried them, but not successfully. They are too big for her still so they don’t seal. The head band part works great so far. I just wish there was a bit more stretch to so I wouldn’t have to pull so hard to get it over Audrey’s head. The Frogglez are for 3+ so I hope she grows into them well. They are more expensive being $19, but you can put most goggle frames on the head band. They connect with Velcro so it would be an easy switch if you wanted to change the goggle size.


The Aqua Sphere Seal goggles worked better than the Frogglez for Audrey. I really liked that they are a large framed goggle. This allowed me to place them on her easier because I didn’t have to worry about placing them perfectly over the eyes. They sealed better than the Frogglez since the band allows adjustments. I just tightened the band and pressed them to her face to get a good seal. These goggles were 3+ also, but the adjustable band makes them a better fit. These were a bit cheaper than the Frogglez being $17. They also came with a nice case to keep them in. I definitely like the Aqua Sphere goggles better right now since the Frogglez don’t even fit because the head band doesn’t adjust.