Fall In Indiana!

This post is coming up late because of course, technical difficulties. I would be able to post a lot more and a lot faster if I was more tech savvy! Anyways here are some pictures from our trip to Indiana last month to visit Tom’s parents. I was really hoping to see some Fall colors but unfortunately we came too early. It was still so much fun to enjoy the Fall festivities in another state! I think we need to do it more often. We rarely travel for pure leisure. There is usually business somewhere in the mix. This trip was unique because it was PURE leisure. No meetings or meetings to go to, just fun family outings.

Don’t you love this kimono? I have it in Wine Red also and it’s the perfect Fall addition to my wardrobe. For under $16 how can you resist? I’ve been living in kimonos since I had Elliot. Losing the baby weight has been slow this time around. After Audrey I was back into my pre baby body in 4 months. With Elliot I made it a point to take things slow and be better to my body. But it does get me down sometimes when I feel uncomfortable in my clothes. I refuse to buy a whole new wardrobe while I’m in weight loss mode. I invested in a few pieces that will be able to get me through until I reach my goal weight. Kimonos are a great choice for me because they are beautiful and modest. They have helped me feel more ‘put together’ while I’m still not quite myself after baby #2. 10lbs to go!

Part of the reason we came this particular weekend was because Tom really wanted to go to The Feast of The Hunters Moon. It’s a festival where people dress up and they reenact how life would have been when the area was first settled. Vendors cook over open fires and they have fashion and items from that day and age.

My favorite part of the whole trip was visiting the pumpkin patch. It was a REAL pumpkin patch with the pumpkins still growing on the vine. I love pumpkin patches but sometimes you go to them and it’s just a setup. They hauled the pumpkins in from some other farm and set them on the ground. I like to see them growing! We found one in Texas last year but it was almost 100 degrees when we went! Way too hot. It was hot in Indiana too, but the orchards around this beautiful patch made me more forgiving to the heat. We got all our Fall festivities done in one weekend! Cheers!


Hamilton Pool, Texas

While we were camping at Inks Lake State Park we spent a day at Hamilton Pool since it was nearby. This place is definitely a site to see. It is incredible. Pictures do not do it any justice. It’s much larger and grander in person. It’s $15 per car and after October 1 they don’t require reservations anymore. You have to check ahead of time to see if they are allowing swimming because sometimes they don’t. The parking lot is very small and they only allow a limited number of visitors. We went on a Thursday morning in October so there was not too many people there. We got in right away without any lines. The short hike down to the pool is pretty steep and uneven. I was shocked that they haven’t built better steps down considering how many visitors come every year. I had Elliot in a baby carrier and there were moments that I was worried about falling with him. We packed down a picnic and inflatables so we had our arms full.

Once we got down the hill the trail splits. You can go right to the pool or left 0.6 miles to see Pedernales Falls. The beach for Hamilton Pool is very small so its clear why they can only allow a small amount of people in every day. There isn’t much shade and the beach is gravel instead of sand. Here are some things I recommend bringing with you on your visit:

  • Inflatables
  • Blankets to sit on (you can leave towels in the car)
  • Shade if you don’t like the sun
  • SPF
  • Snacks
  • Water Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera


These pictures are not the best quality since I only had my GoPro with me. If you google Hamilton Pool you’ll see some amazing pictures. I hope you get a chance to visit soon! Texas amazes me. Just when I think we’ve seen every place to visit more keep popping up and blowing us away. Now I’m itching to get out and see more. Have you visited Hamilton Pool? What did you think?


Inks Lake State Park

I have a new Texas State Park review for you guys this week! We recently went to Inks Lake State Park North of Austin. It’s a nice lake for fishing, swimming, camping, and well whatever you imagine a lake would be good for. We camped her for 3 nights and we enjoyed out time. Actually we wished we could have spent more time around the lake. We had planned outings to near by sights so we didn’t have enough time at Inks Lake. When we arrived it was a little stressful because we were trying to find a spot that was wooded, close to a bathroom, and with lake access. The 200+ loops were pretty wooded but all the spots on the lake were booked. I can’t wait until TSP add the function that you can pre-book spots online (Jan 2019).

After a long drive writing down desirable spots and learning that they were all booked, we settled for spot #45. This was was wooded and bit and really close to the lake. This campground does not offer sewer hookups as far as I know….. That really stunk. We did have water and electric though. The spot was nice and level. We had a good campfire ring and picnic table. It wasn’t as great as some of the other sites we saw, but it was OK. I would rate it a 3/5.

The bathrooms were OK too. If you are sensitive to creepy crawlies you will not like the bathroom. I took Audrey to shower there and there were bugs and spiders all over the place. There was plenty of hot water though – silver lining! Our shower was actually pretty cool because it had a short shower head and a tall one so we could both shower at the same time. The con was that the drain didn’t drain quick enough so we were soon standing in a pool of floating bugs. Some were dead and some were backstroking near our feet. I am not too squeamish about insects, especially when we are camping. We are on their turf after all. But the floating bugs in the shower were kind of gross. So I would rate the bathrooms 3/5.

One thing I really like about TSP is that they usually have a playground for kids. It’s really helpful when you get back to camp and your kids still have a full tank of energy. They also had a volleyball net! I should have taken more pictures of the camp store because it was better than most. They had a small food truck that sold hot dogs and root beer floats – although I never saw it open. The store has a deck that you can sit on and eat your meal. You can also rent kayaks and canoes for a good price. I think it was $15/hour but the longer you rented the more of a discount you received.

We did go fishing and the kids caught a crappy! We all wished we could have fished more, but we had our days planned. Inks Lake is super close to Longhorn Cavern State Park and that place is beautiful! I will post separately about our tour in the Cavern. The next day we drove an hour to Hamilton pools. We had an amazing time there. Texas has some really beautiful spots in places you’d never guess. I’ll post pictures of these places for you soon!

I would give this visit to Inks Lake State Park a 3/5. I think our spot could have been better and that did effect the rating I gave. I hope we can come back and get one of the more wooded spots by the lake. We arrived Monday afternoon so I was shocked we weren’t able to get one yet during the week.


RV Hacks

Hey guys! I need to start sharing out camper hacks more because I find them so helpful myself. I love love love love our camper! We have a hybrid which means it has hard walls with pop out tent beds. We started with a smaller one – 186RD which we quickly outgrew. Now we have the largest one Starcraft has to offer. The Starcraft Travel Star 236TBS has 3 pop out queen beds. If you are interested in a tour I’ll leave the video down below.

Let’s start with how I bathe the bebe boy in the camper. Our first 186RD had a tiny bathtub in it which was a HUGE selling point for us since we are a family with young children. Young kids tend to get very VERY messy on camping trips so a bathtub is a great luxury. Unfortunately the larger hybrids did not offer a bathtub so I had to find another way to wash the kids. Audrey is old enough to shower now, but Elliot still needs a bath. Since this is for an RV it needed to be light and compact. I found this Summer Infant bath for our shower floor. It has an inflatable bottom and it folds in half after use. The sides also pin up so you can lay very young babies in it. We’ve been washing Elliot in it on camping trips since he was 2 months old. Now that he can sit up on his own I just fill it up and plop him in there with some things to play with.

Command hooks are your best friend if you are an RV’er! Funny enough, I never liked Command Hooks until we bought our first camper. I never saw the point because I would just nail things into the walls at home. I really had no use for taped on wall hooks. But let me tell you, I use them non stop in my RV! Any time I need to fix or organize something I always reach for these babies. These ones are my favorite all purpose size. I just used some mini CH to hand a sheet between the front and back section of the RV. I was going to use a tension rod, but realized that I’d have to set it up and take it down each time. Now I just hand the sheet on the two hooks and it works great!

Another annoying part about being in an RV is that there are NO paper towel holders – at least in ours. So I bought this plastic holder for $0.98 and it works great! It’s light and simple and it works just fine.

Now here is a hack that I ADORE! I hope you will too. It was a bit tricky to get up but in the end so worth it. I love my knives, mostly cleavers obviously. I don’t have expensive knives but I keep them sharpened so they work just as well in my opinion. Maybe one day I’ll drop some cash on an expensive knife, but for now especially in the camper these work great. I bought this magnetic knife holder for our kitchen before we moved. Since then it has had no place until now! One of the hardest things about adding things to an RV are the walls. They are filled with wires and important structures that keep the RV going. You need to be careful if you ever puncture or screw something into the walls. A magnetic knife holder is constantly pulled from the wall so you must make sure it’s stuck on there good. I used pop rivets to get this baby up and it worked perfectly!

The last hack I have for you are these shelf dividers and shelf baskets. RV’s have the weirdest dimensions like super deep cabinets that are so deep you can’t reach to the back. We have those! Once I put food in, there was so much wasted space since the cabinets were so tall. I put these dividers in them so I could have more space to store food. Make sure you measure your cabinets and buy the ones that will fit properly. We also had these shelves at the top of our RV that were difficult to work with. I bough simple plastic baskets that fit up there and that stopped things from falling down during the commute. I also use the baskets in the cabinet so I can easily get to things in the back.