Revel Dip Nails

Hey guys I am new to the dip nail trend. I’ve been hearing people talk about it and I’ve been getting tired of my peeling gel manicures. They start peeling so quickly in certain spots. As long as I fight the urge to peel them more they last, but that’s a tall order. Revel Nail sent me a starter kit including these 2 colors I used today – Crux and Isadora. This is only my second time doing my dip nails so I’m still getting the hang of it. You can see how I do it IN THIS VIDEO.

Difficulty Level

I found dip nails to be fairly easy once I got the hang of the steps. It is more work than a gel polish because it requires more filing. It’s also more damaging to your nail. All of these things are a down side, but when you consider the lasting power it balances out. My first manicure was pretty pathetic and it would have easily lasted 2 weeks or more. I ended up taking it off at 9 days though because my nails had grown out. I didn’t like the color of my first dip manicure so I ended up filing it down and painting over it with 2 coats of gel polish. It worked great! It worked way better than if I would have painted the gel on my nail. I didn’t have any peeling or lifting of the gel OR the dip nail. So that’s exciting to know that if I don’t like the color I can easily paint over it with my gel polish.

Recommended Nail Kit Buys

If you do dip or gel nails I cannot recommend and electric drill enough. It makes it so much easier and quicker. I can’t believe it took be this long to buy one. I have this one below from amazon.

You remove dip nails similar to gel polish. I have a video I’ll post about my removal of them. The most helpful thing I have are nail clips. They are so helpful and easy to use and I’m so glad to not have to use foil anymore.

Last but certainly not least – the Revel Nail Kit. I recommend buying a starter kit and then adding to it. There are a LOT of colors available and they are $10-$14 each. I think I would like to add more colors to my kit, but the fact that I can still use my gel colors on top of a dip nail is AMAZING! I was worried that I invested all of this money on gel colors and now they would never get used. I know that I will start with dip nails and then when I want to change the color I’ll use my gel. Best of both worlds!



New Beauty Loves! Marc Jacobs Beauty Raves


At the Sephora VIB sale I bought a few Marc Jacobs beauty items. I went in to buy the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye CrayonI was looking for a good black eyeliner for my waterline. I have had bad luck with any pencil eyeliners for my water line. They all faded quickly or they bled into other areas. I eventually just stopped buying them because I thought they were all the same. Lately, I’ve been wanting a more natural look. I wear mascara and then line my upper water line, like the picture above. But I didn’t have a good liner for this so I went on the hunt. I searched Sephora and read a ton of reviews. All of them pointed to the MJ liners. I decided to give them a try and MY GOODNESS they are good. They are creamy and pigmented. I am seriously impressed. My HG eyeliner pencil for sure. I put it on in the morning and I don’t have to re-apply it. It also doesn’t transfer or bleed.

It doesn’t end there. Once I tried the pencil and loved it, I started getting curious about other MJ beauty items. While the VIB sale was still going I ran into Sephora to buy more items. I found two Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lipglosses. One in the color Moonglow and the other in Sugar SugarThese glosses are amazing! I have sensitive lips that peel with everything. That $54 Tom Ford lipstick…..yeah even with that sucker! These glosses don’t bother my lips at all though! I actually use them to moisturize my lips when they get dry. The Sugar Sugar color is a beautiful nude with little glitter specs. Moonglow is a very pale pinky nude. Between the 2, Sugar Sugar is more opaque. They are both beautiful and I can’t wait to try more colors. In the pictures above Moonglow is on the left and Sugar Sugar is on the right.

The last item I’ve tried by Marc Jacobs is the Velvet Noir Major Volume MascaraThis mascara is a good dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I love BTS. It used to be my Holy Grail mascara, but lately it’s been flaking worse than usual. I don’t know if I got a bad tube or what, but it was irritating my eyes. That was enough for me to move on. I bought a sample size of the MJ and I’ve been very impressed. I love using it. It lengthens and adds volume to my already long lashes (Rodan and Fields Lash Boost!!!). Once my sample size is all gone I’ll be getting the full size for sure.



My Favorite Face Powders

Hey Ya’ll! I wanted to share with you the powders I’ve been enjoying the most this last year. Powders come in all shapes, colors and sizes. It’s pretty hard to pick between one or the other….. I mean, they’re all powder right? It’s so much harder than it should be to find a good powder. Some make you look like a cake face while others just don’t do a darn thing. There are powders that mattify and some that make you glow. Then there are some with flashback and others that look good in flash photography. The list goes on and on. I’ve used a ton of powders both high end and drugstore. I haven’t really found a drugstore powder that I’ve liked until I hit pan. A few of them are good until you get halfway through and then they start developing these weird bumps. I don’t know if it affects the application or not, but I feel like it affected mine.

The first powder I love is a foundation powder by Chanel. In the summer I don’t wear liquid foundation because it just can’t hold up in the Texas heat. So then I turn to this powder to even out my skin tone. It’s full coverage, build-able, and not dusty. It gives my complexion a nice smooth, matte finish. I can easily make it a little dewy by spraying it with a setting spray. Don’t let the $60 price tag fool you! I’ve have my compact for a long time. I hit pan a while ago and it’s still got tons of product. The only thing I don’t like about this powder compact is that I wish it was more…well, COMPACT! It takes up a lot of room in my bag because the sponge and powder aren’t stacked. But I guess you do get a larger mirror this way.

The Urban Decay Velvetizer is a loose powder that I ‘think’ I love? I’m honestly not sure about this powder. Urban Decay had this a while back released in their Naked collection. It was a colored powder but I don’t think it’s being sold anymore. Since then they have released this translucent powder. This powder really does work! You sweep it on your face and you instantly look airbrushed. It would be perfect for people with large pores. I’ve been using it every day, and while I love the effect it has, I hate the texture. The powder is…… I can’t explain it. I don’t want to say ‘grainy’ because it’s very fine, but it’s not soft and fluffy like baby powder. It’s heavy and firmer? I don’t know if that makes any sense. Maybe you just have to feel it to understand. It seems to float everywhere. Worse than other setting powders I have. I do have a little flashback with this powder. Mostly under the eyes! This is my true finishing powder. After I’ve applied all of my makeup and setting powder, I’ll dust my face with this stuff. It may seem like over kill but it really makes a difference.

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder is the top dog when it comes to setting powders. It’s used by makeup artists universally because it’s amazing. It’s the best powder to use for ‘baking’ too IMO. I’ve been using LM Setting powder for years and I probably wont stop anytime soon. This is the powder I use to set my liquid foundation and concealer. It is soft like baby powder and it’s great for setting your look. It does lighten my face a tad, but it’s not a big deal. It seems to get better after it sits for a few minutes.

Another powder I recommend in the same category as the Chanel powder would be the Dior Diorskin Forever Extreme Control. This powder is also full coverage. It was my favorite powder foundation before I tried the Chanel one. They are both good. But if you’re concerned about price the Dior one is a few dollars cheaper. The only difference is that the Dior one is a bit more dusty, but that may be the compromise for how full coverage it is.

If you aren’t interested in the luxury brands but you want something better than drugstore I recommend MAC. Their Studio Fix powder has been another staple in many makeup cases for years and years. It’s a good full coverage powder that offers a HUGE range of colors. Best part is it’s budget friendly at $29. When drugstore powders are starting to reach $15-$20, this is worth the extra money. I use it sometimes to set my makeup if I’m going to be taking pictures. The only downside for me is that it oxidizes on my skin a little. I don’t know if it’s just me or everyone who uses it. But that is why I don’t use it as a foundation in the summer.

What are some of your favorite powders? I love to try new makeup products. You’d think I would reach a point where enough is enough, but I’m not there yet. At least I’m forcing myself to use up the products I have before I try new ones. I was really bad at that a few years ago. I never hit pan on anything because something new would catch my eye. What other products are you interested in? Any special ones on your Christmas list?


Gift Giving Guide 2017

Christmas is upon us again! Can you believe it? Another year flew by and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. It’s true what they say, ‘The older you get the faster time goes’. YES and YES! Why…….. time please slow down for those of us desperately trying to savor every smile and laugh our babies give us. Back to the fun part that comes at the end of each year, GIFTS! I like giving gifts. It’s my primary love language so why wouldn’t I? If you guys are like my husband though, you’re horrible at the gift giving thing. You never know what to buy and it gives you hives just thinking about picking out the right gift. Lucky for my hubby I send him periodic e-mails letting him know what I have my eye on, just in case he needs a life line. But for the rest of the special people in your life, what in the world do you get them? I like to think of myself as a master gift giver. I love to give and shopping for the perfect gift is actually a fun task for me. Here are 10 items that would make great gifts this year.

1) Fit Bit 2
These Fit Bits have come a LONG way since I bought one for Tom for Christmas 5 years ago. This was actually something I got for Christmas, and since I couldn’t wait I’m already using mine. So far I love it. Not only does it track your activity like steps, heart rate, and sleep, it also connects to your phone so that every time you get a text or phone call it will show up on the watch. I love it! Yesterday I was around the house doing chores and every call or text I was getting made my watch vibrate. The texts even show up ON THE WATCH! I haven’t used this during a workout yet so I can’t say how I feel about the heart rate monitor. I know the first generation of this watch was not great for people circuit training because it had trouble keeping up with the HR changing so often. I hope they fixed that because I cannot exercise without a heart rate monitor. It also has a cool function that walks you through a 2 minute breathing session when things are getting too stressful throughout your day. PLUS it all connects to your phone so you can track your calories, customize your settings, and set activity alerts and goals for yourself. You can even buy different bands to customize your look! So in my book this gets an A+ because anything that can help us be a little healthier is a welcomed gift.

Great for men, women, and kids
Easy to use
Connects to phone
Great easy app
Bands are changeable
2 sizes for different wrists

$149 may be too much for some to spend, but it’s worth it for all it does!
Wish it came in yellow gold
Not waterproof

2) Rodan and Fields Lash Boost

Give the gift of great lashes (or brows)! This year I started my business with Rodan and Fields and I have been blown away by their products. As a blogger, I’m constantly trying out new products but these have beat them all. One product that shines bright is the Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Serum. This stuff is amazing. I’ve used so many lash growing serums in my time and this one has blown them all out of the water. I cannot be without it! Since starting my business my friends are now addicted to it as well! I’ve learned for some reason people avoid spending money on skincare products for themselves. That is why giving it as a gift becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Once people feel and see the difference they will see what a great gift it is.

It works!
Lasts 3-4 months
No Side Effecs
Dermatologist created
Works on brows and lashes
60 Monday back guarantee!

$150 PC Price But it’s only $135 if you are a PC Perks member!
Can take up to 12 weeks to see results (you WILL see results)

3) Rodan and Fields Redefine Regimen
For the same reasons I listed about the lash boost. Most people don’t like spending money on their skincare which is why gifting it is such a great option. This Redefine regimen is our anti-aging flag ship. It comes as a no fuss kit. Use 3 products in the morning and 3 at night. It comes with a day cream WITH SPF and a night cream. For the price you get 4 products that will last months! If this isn’t the right regimen for your receiver we have 4 others. Reverse lightening for skin discoloration (age spots, freckles), Reverse Brightening for a brighter complexion and dull skin, Unblemish for those with acne, Soothe for those with sensitive skin.

Easy to use for those who are new to skincare
Results results results!
60 day money back guarantee

Retail is $199 – But please don’t waste money paying retail price.
PC perks is only $179 + free shipping for 4 products

4) Convection Bowl
This may seem like a silly gift to some, but that’s just because you haven’t seen how awesome this thing is! We use this thing almost every day. This is essentially an updated toaster oven. A better toaster oven. It cooks faster, the food tasted better, it fits more, it’s easier to clean, it’s just all around better. You have so much variety on what you can use it for. Have you heard of those “air fryers”? These are essentially large air fryers. They cook the food exactly the same way. But with the convection bowl you can actually cook things. We primarily use it to re-heat leftovers (pizza is so good heated in here), chicken tenders, frozen foods, fried foods. I stumbled upon this thing while I doing research about air fryers and I am SO glad I did. It has changed our food/kitchen game. I barely use my oven which saves a ton of energy.

Can use for a ton of things
Inexpensive at around $50
Great gift for any adult or student

The bowl gets very hot so make sure kids can’t reach it

5) Alterna Haircare Caviar Moisture Duo
These are SO SO GOOD! I went over a year with my hair out of whack when we first moved to Texas. The climate was just too different from Colorado. We went from no humidity to 50% minimum and that was hard for my hair. I tried many many products and everything left my hair dry or greasy. I saw this duo and I gasped at the price. I was intrigued because it had great reviews but it was so expensive. Though, there had to be a reason why people kept coming back and spending the money on it. I caved and bought it thinking that there was no way it was going to be worth the money. Well after the first use I was sold. It left my hair silky soft and perfect. I could go longer without washing my hair and it wouldn’t get greasy! It was some weird hair magic and I cannot explain how or why these products are so amazing. All I know is that they are!

Left hair silky soft
Hair didn’t get greasy for several days after washing

Expensive for shampoo and conditioner
May not be worth it for men with short hair

I hope these ideas are somewhat ‘out of the box’ from the typical (boring) bath set you can find at any store. The main thing I focus on when gift giving is making sure I’m buying something that will be USEFUL! If it doesn’t get used then it becomes a waste of money for both me and my receivers. I don’t ever want to give a gift that becomes “It’s the thought that counts”. Some of these items are available at Nordstrom which is where I HIGHLY recommend you buy they from. They offer free shipping and free return shipping. The also have the best return policy in the biz. The Rodan and Fields stuff you can get through me or my RF site. Feel free to email me at sarahmarie55@gmail.com.