Fashion Friday!


This is my first fashion Friday post! I bought these pants from Forever 21 after wanting them for over 8 months. They are very comfortable and they look good on average body types. I was worried they would make me look fat, but they are nice. I ordered a size 28 when I usually wear size 27. They were only $22.80 http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=bottom_jeans&ProductID=2078390508&VariantID=

The crew neck top is from Nordstrom Rack. I mentioned these shirts in my November Favorites

The shirts are great because they are 100% pima cotton. If you don’t know different cotton types do a quick search and you’ll find out so much info. The shirt was $12.95.

The shoes are also from Nordstrom rack. They are Dolce Vita brand and SO comfy. I can wear them all day. They are black suede and I think they were $69?


Polka Dots & Stripes



I have a large collection of tights that have been purchased throughout the years. I found these polka dot tights that I bought from H&M a long time ago. I always had a hard time wearing them because I felt like they made me look childish or tacky. But I found a way to kind of tone them down by wearing knee high socks over them. The brown boots are from Forever 21 and I wore them because I felt like black boots would create a darker look than I wanted. The shirt is adorable and it was actually a gift from my older sister.


My Favorite Lipstick Dupe!

IMG_1436 IMG_1437

I love my Too Faced lipsticks actually I love Too Faced makeup in general. But their lipsticks are phenomenal. They are so shiny and smooth with a good amount of color. They are $20+ a piece which is a big down side if you are on a budget……and lets face it, most of us are OR should be! I have been very interested in the the FLOWER cosmetic line that is starting to show up in Wal-Mart. Today I picked up a few lipsticks and one of them is a perfect dupe for my Too Faced, Naked Dolly. In the picture I have Naked Dolly on the top lip and Morning Glory by FLOWER on the bottom. As you can see they are very very similar. When I swatch them on my hand the Morning Glory looks a lot more pink, whereas the Naked Dolly looks like a pinky nude. But on the lips they are very similar. I paid $22 at Ulta for my Naked Dolly and it’s just about empty. At Wal-Mart I paid $6.95 for the Morning Glory by FLOWER. The color is a hit, but now I need to see how the FLOWER lipsticks wear. I hate lipsticks that dry out my lips and most of them seem to do that. The FLOWER case is a lot bulkier than the little metal case that Too Faced lipsticks have, so Too Face wins that one. But FLOWER seems to be busting out of the gates at full speed. So far I’ve been impressed with their color options and quality. This may be my ‘go to’ drugstore lipstick brand……eventually.