My New Balayage!

Hellooooo world! I just decided to freshen up my look for Fall. I have what they lovingly call “virgin hair”. It means that my hair has not been dyed. Basically it’s pure as snow haha. I have dyed my hair once or twice in the past but it’s more than grown out since then. The last time I colored my hair was after Audrey was born. I had my sister put in some low lights. Now after Elliot I’m getting the bug again. I think I get so impatient to get my body back that I just think up new ways to change. I do get frustrated that it takes me so long to get my body back postpartum. I see women that pop their babies out and are back into their skinny jeans 1 month postpartum. I hate them……not really but I am severely jealous. If any of you have ever struggled to get your pre-baby body back you know what I’m talking about. While I’m working to get my body back I like to play with the parts of me that I CAN control. Hair and makeup basically. I love The Sweetest Thing Blog and her hair was my inspiration basically. However I did not go as light with my balayage. I put in some blonde and mostly caramel color in. I figured that I could always go lighter later.

Here is my before hair. I also got it cut at the same visit because I was in desperate need of a trim!

Here are my after photos! You can see the chunks of caramel brushed in. I love how the Balayage looks. Balayage is the technique they use to get this look. They brush the dye onto the hair a certain way. I’m happy with it. I want to keep the caramel for a bit to see how I like it. Maybe I’ll consider going lighter later but right now I’m enjoying my new style.


Rodan and Fields Lash Boost IS BACK!

GUESS WHAT GUYS IT’S BACK! Lash Boost has taken the lash world by storm these last 10 months. It’s an amazing product and our loyal users know that. You guys know I’ve been a lash addict for years. I’ve tried numerous serums, most recently NueLash that I THOUGHT was good. Now in comparison to Lash Boost it was nothing! I love LOVE LOVE my Lash Boost! I have never used a Serum that has given me both length and thickness. My lashes have never looked better. I also got extensions for years and years but I got tired of the expense, time, and maintenance. I hated the way they looked and felt. My lids always felt heavier than they should be and I could never clean my eye area very well. If you’ve had extensions you know what I’m talking about. Even with the Mink extensions I had to fill them constantly and be careful when washing my face. It was like I had to choose between makeup or lashes because I couldn’t wear both.

The results down below are my own. I started seeing MAJOR results by 5 weeks. Now 12 weeks out my lashes are longer and much thicker. I am so happy. I’ve already gotten a bunch of new clients because they have seen my results.

If you are interested please send me an email – sarahmarie55@gmail.com. Ask about any discounts or new promotions I’m running for my business. I run promotions regularly for new and current PC customers so ask me about them!


Microblading 101

I recently went to my microblading touch up session a few days ago. I want to share the whole experience with you guys because I know this thing has the potential to go south. My mom got microblading first. My sister and I bought it for her Christmas gift. My sister found someone through word of mouth (her friend recommended her cousin). It was a disaster. I didn’t meet this girl but I saw the botched results. My poor mom. This girl made my moms eyebrows like a thin V on her face. But that was only the first visit! My mom ended up scabbing really bad and her skin peeled. From what I was told by my artist, that was a bad sign that the girl who did the microblading had no idea what she was doing. Then on my moms touch up visit she asked for them thicker and the girl made one thick and one thin! Can you believe it! Now they are so uneven and painfully obvious. My mom has to fill them in every day. I’m upset about this whole thing and I want my mom to go back and demand the artist to fix them, but that could do more harm than good. I don’t know if I’d trust this lady with a microblading tool again.

So after that disaster I was a little apprehensive about getting mine done. Microblading is a temporary tattoo. It lasts for months to years! They don’t go as deep as a real tattoo so it fades much quicker, but a year is still a long time to have something on your face. I started by looking at reviews for local artists on YELP. It was a good start, but I was shocked at how expensive it was. I started looking at Groupon to see if there were any deals near me. Groupon has been hit or miss in the beauty department for me. I’ve had the best beauty services and the worst through Groupon. I found a place near me that I drive by a lot. It looked like a really nice salon and the reviews on the microblading were all good. The Groupon was $249 but Groupon was having a 20% off sale with a code so I paid $199.20. BUT WAIT – I also went through Ebates which saved me an additional 8%. So in the end I paid $183 for the first session AND touch up. The touch up was 4 weeks after the initial session. I did tip 20% on the non discount price, which I recommend if you are happy with your service.

I went in to the salon and we started by taking measurements of my eyebrows. Then my artist drew on my new eyebrow shape and asked me if I liked it. Once we came up with a nice shape she cleaned up the hair. My shape was close to the natural shape of my eyebrows but we made the arch higher up. I had no idea you could just create the shape you wanted even if your hair didn’t naturally grow that way. Then she applied the topical anesthetic cream and I had to wait another 45 minutes for the cream to kick in. When we started the microblading I was shocked at first because it was more painful than I expected. It wasn’t bad but it was more than I thought it would be. The worst part for me was the tugging you felt on the skin as the blade cut through. It was like nails on a chalkboard. My artist would work on one eyebrow then move to the other. She would alternate eyebrows then rub ink in the skin, wipe it up and resume. It started getting pretty painful by the 5th or 6th pass because she was going over cuts she already made to add detail strokes. But that was basically the end of it. She cleaned up the ink then put medicated ointment on my eyebrows. She went over the rules of care and I was done. This picture is after I healed completely from the first session. My brows look good, but there are some bald spots that need to be filled.

After my initial session I couldn’t get my eyebrows wet for 7 days. It was a lot harder than I expected. They were really dark for the first 3-4 days. Tom said I looked angry because all you saw were my eyebrows lol. I just wore a hat whenever I left the house. I washed my face but I worked around my eyebrows. By the end of the week I had stopped washing my forehead because I didn’t want to take any chances. My brows healed quickly. They did keep the pigment good – or so I was told. During the healing process they did get itchy and you aren’t supposed to touch them. The 4 weeks after my first appointment were amazing! I fell more and more in love with my brows daily. I loved waking up and looking great. I loved not having to do my brows. I loved my new brow shape. I loved how low maintenance they were. I just loved them.

My touch up appointment was a lot faster than the initial one. I arrived and she put on the cream. After waiting the 45 minutes we got started. It was a lot faster because she was just filling in the bald spots on my brows. It was still painful, but it wasn’t as long of a session so it was better. It’s been 2 days since I had my touch up appointment and I’m trying to keep them dry. They are itching more than the first session right now though. I can’t wait until they heal and I’m done! My artist said the pigment worked really well with my skin so I probably wouldn’t need another touch up for a year. A YEAR!!!!! Can you believe that! Here are my brows 2 days after my touch up.

Although my mom had a horrible experience I think it would have been easily avoided if they went to someone with good reviews. Unfortunately they trusted the word of a friend and that doesn’t always work out well. My experience was great though. I had no idea the possibilities you had with microblading. Apparently there are different levels of microblade artists as well. My artist was working to become a master so she was pretty high up. She was telling me about all the things they can do, not just eyebrows. I’m definitely in love with my eyebrows and I’ll be getting my touch ups to maintain them.

Tips for choosing a good artist:

-Look at Yelp and Google reviews. Try to find as many as you can.
-Make sure the Salon is nice. My mom had hers in the back room of a dumpy nail salon – probably not a good sign. My salon was clean and designed nicely. If the salon is beautifully designed they probably take pride in their reputation and their employees.
-Don’t be scared to ask your artist how long shes been doing it and what level she’s at.
-Don’t be scared to ask for a mirror and check the shape and design during the process. Its YOU who will have to deal with the eyebrow shape so make sure you are getting what you want.

Make sure you check Groupon and Ebates for deals in your area. Groupon has local deals almost every other week and Ebates has great cash back options.

Once my brows are completely healed I’ll post another update.


Rodan & Fields

Exciting times guys. Recently I filmed an unboxing video of my Rodan + Fields business. I wanted to share the special moment so I will put it below for your viewing pleasure.

I have officially become a Rodan + Fields consultant. I took the plunge because I met someone who was living the life I wanted for myself. I asked her how she was able to stay home with her youngest and have a successful, fulfilling (key word) career. She then shared with me that she was in my same position 3 years ago and one of her friends introduced her to the business. Since then she’s built the life she’s always wanted for herself. I was really inspired and excited. She was living proof! Why would anyone turn the opportunity down? I talked to Tom about the opportunity and I have to admit, I went back and forth. I had moments where I thought it was too good to be true. But it WAS true! I met her, and I spoke to her partner who was driving around in her new Lexus given to her by Rodan + Fields. If they could do it, why couldn’t I? I decided to take the plunge finally. I knew it would take time and dedication. I think that’s probably why so many people pass on this opportunity. They want something for nothing and the idea of being your own boss is intimidating to some. Its really inane how society has trained us. We’ve been taught that you start from the bottom and work, work, work, work, work *wise words from Rihanna*. Then if you work hard enough and long enough, only then can you be a boss. Anything that deviates from that paradigm scares people. But why not be a boss now?

A lot of people start Rodan + Fields on the side while continuing with their other jobs. Anne, the lady with the Lexus – that rolls off the tongue nice! She was a Nurse Practitioner when she started RF. She had so much success with RF that she was able to stop seeing patients and live the life of a boss. She wasn’t even passionate about skincare when she started. But the product line is THAT amazing, she quickly become a fan.

In case you aren’t aware. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields are world famous Dermatologists. They are the creators of Proactive – drop the mic. What a resume right!? They then created RF to cover other common skincare concerns like wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, pores, sensitive skin, and this line even has it’s own acne products. Rodan + Fields started in big stores like Nordstrom. Ya’ll know how much I love Nordstrom! The products were some of their best sellers in fact. You don’t have to be a genius to see that less and less people go to the stores to shop because of the internet. More online purchases and less in store. Well The Drs saw the trend and withdrew from the stores. Then they created the present business structure and started giving people like you and me an opportunity to be your own boss. Now here I am, and here you can be too!

Now after reading this post I hope you do one of two things. Contact me for a free skincare consultation where I can recommend products to fix your areas of concern and even offer discounts. Friends don’t let friends pay retail y’all! OR ask me how you can start your own Rodan + Fields business. You can have this life too! It’s easy to come up with dozens of reasons why you can’t – don’t do that. You CAN!

Contact me at sarahmarie55@gmail.com