What I Got For Christmas 2017!

I hope you all had an A-mazing Holiday. Can you believe it’s already over? I thought I would be sad and want to linger in the Holiday bliss, but I’m ready to pack up the decorations and welcome Spring! I guess I just move on fast haha. I thought I would want to keep my decorations up longer, but I am excited about the year ahead of us. This Christmas I really didn’t want anything until some sales fell in my lap. I wasn’t actually expecting to get any gifts because I didn’t seriously have my eye on anything. I had always wanted a second pair of Stuart Weitzman Tieland Boots but I wasn’t expecting to get them any time soon. I got an alert that they were 20% off at Nordstrom and it was a deal I couldn’t refuse. So I bought them 2 weeks before Christmas and wore them the whole time! I’ve already worn them for an OOTD post here!

I also bought my FitBit Charge 2. I got this 3 weeks before Christmas. I justified the early purchase because I knew I wanted it and I knew it would be most useful to keep me on track during the Holidays. It’s probably the only fitness tracker that I like the look of and I have the limited rose gold and lavender which is TOTALLY worth the extra $$$. I bought it at Nordstrom here. So far so good! It’s been nice to see how much I really move throughout the day. I have yet to test it during a workout though. Unfortunately the times I’m walking the most I’m either pushing a cart or a stroller and that interferes with the pedometer. Sometimes I try to push with one hand so my pedometer arm will sway, but that’s a pain.

My last gift was a total surprise/steal. I had been eyeing an Hermes Evelyne for about 2 months. I knew I wanted to buy it pre-loved so I was obsessed with checking ebay and my favorite luxury consignment shops. I just couldn’t find one that was in my budget or the color/size I wanted. I didn’t want to spend a lot on the Evelyne because I wasn’t that desperate to have one. I finally found the perfect color combo on ebay. It was brand new, wrapped in the box and bag, plus it came with the receipt. I made sure to vet the seller and have it authenticated because it was almost too good to be true. Unfortunately the seller wanted a ton for it because it was NIB. Well long story short some weird “meant to be” things happened and I ended up getting this bag IN my budget. I really wanted a PM size but for the color combo of dark blue with gold HW, I was willing to get this GM. Part of the reason I won the bag was because the seller accidentally listed it as a PM in the beginning and then had to edit the post right before it ended. Lots of people ended up withdrawing their bids because of the size change and I ended up winning! I was nervous about the bag being authentic because it was a ‘too good to be true’ situation. But once it arrived I did another authentication and it was perfect. It is gorgeous! The Clemence leather is so buttery soft. It feels like pure luxury. I LOVE it! I never liked the Evelyne before, but I started wanting a bag I could get in and out of without a zip or button. There weren’t any good options from other designers so I was led to the Evelyne. It slowly grew on me and now that I have one and I LOVE IT! The functionality of it is great. I think the Evelyne and my Chanel Business Affinity Backpack will be my most used bags this year.

I hope you guys got some good gifts for Christmas. It was really weird because I really went into Christmas thinking I wasn’t getting anything. I wasn’t upset about that, it was just a weird feeling. Maybe its #adulting. I honestly didn’t want anything enough to spend the money on it. Well obviously I got a bunch of great last minute gifts that I am thrilled about, but it was nice to be perfectly content with everything I already had. I feel hugely blessed. God has given me an amazing life and he keeps his promises to us if we have the faith to follow him.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2018 brings blessings and joy your way!


Luxury and Lace #OOTD


Hey ya’ll I have an outfit post for you. I have been on my game as far as outfit posts go. I hope you are enjoying. I’m 3 lbs away from pre-Elliot weight. So as I get more confident I my skin I like dress up more. It took a long time to get back here so I’m enjoying it! This outfit is so cute AND comfortable. The top is an adorable lace number I bought online at Walmart for $11! It is great quality for the price! I bought it in a size Large because I do find that WM Juniors tops run small. You can find it here! The legging are my favorite Zella leggings from Nordstrom. These things are great and I’m sorry if you’re tired of seeing them. I just love them so much! They are reversible too. One side is warmer and the other side is more elastic feeling. They are great for colder weather.

The boots YES the boots! I got these for Christmas. They are my second pair of Stuart Weitzman Tieland boots in the color Topo Suede. I LOVE THEM! My other pair is in black. They are amazing heeled boots. I can’t recommend them enough. They are definitely a luxury item, but after trying several “dupes” I can honestly say that they can’t compete. The quality of the SW boots is just amazing. So while I hate the fact that they cost so much, I can see why in their quality. The bag is the Louis Vuitton Bandouliere 25 in Damier. Another bag I think would look SO cute with an outfit is the Chloe Marcie. I don’t own one, but it’s less than the LV. I don’t really buy LV bags anymore because where I live EVERYONE has them. I look for bags that will be more unique and functional now.

As always I’m wearing my trusty FitBit Charge 2. Who needs a Rolex when you have this awesome thing? I’m wearing my staple studs in this picture. If you don’t have a good pair of studs, I suggest you buy the ones at Norstrom. They are great quality! You can find them here.

I hope you liked this outfit! Just another example of how I love to mix and match my luxury items with amazing STEALS!


Cozy Day To Night Look #OOTD


Today I have another STEAL item for you which is this flowy layered top I bought from Walmart.com for $6.50! Yes I said $6.50! Part of my style is mixing quality/luxury items with cheap steals. You can pair a $20 outfit with a nice handbag and look like a superstar. You’ll feel like one too knowing you didn’t go broke for your closet. In reality, this is how I afford to splurge on other items like handbags and accessories. I hardly ever buy things if they aren’t on sale or have some other promotion running. I bought these Hudson jeans at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale 2 years ago and I fell in love. They are the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned. They feel like leggings, but they aren’t as unforgiving as leggings. I loved them enough I bought a second pair. I would definitely splurge to buy them full price because I’ve fallen in love with them. On another note, this is my first time wearing a pair of pants from my pre-baby closet after Elliot. He’s 1 now and it’s been a long road but I have 5lbs left WOHOO! I’ll be able to wear all my pre-baby clothes soon yay!

I wore 2 looks. One is super comfy and low key and the other is a bit more chic. On the comfy outfit the only difference is the duster which I bought at Forever 21 years ago. You can find a similar one here and it’s under $50! The next difference is the shoes. I’m lounging in my Ugg slippers found here in my comfy outfit. That’s it! To chic it up I just swapped the duster for a blazer and added some fierce pumps. The blazer is a light floral print I found on sale at Forever 21 a year ago. I found a gorgeous one that’s similar here. The pumps are a Merlot color velvet and they are so cute. Nordstrom sells a bunch of different prints every season here. I was surprised at how comfortable they are. They may be good luck too! I’ve had a very good experience in them. Between the 2 outfits I’m more likely to be found in the comfortable one. Probably because the majority of my day is spent keeping my children alive and my sanity in tact. The last thing I want to be is uncomfortable when I have to accomplish those tasks.

As for accessories, I’m just sporting my new Fit Bit Charge 2 and my Nadri dangle earrings. Now are you guys ready for Christmas? I honestly can’t believe we only have 10 days left. Last year I was ready for Christmas and this year it’s coming too fast. Ugh I don’t wanna grow up lol!


SALE ALERT! My Fav Stuart Weitzman Boots On Sale!


OMG GUYS! It’s rare to see these highly sought after over the knee suede boots on sale! But these Tielands are! You can find several colors at Nordstrom and Stuartweitzman.com. These are my favorite pair of boots so you better believe I jumped on this sale and bought them in the color Topo Suede. I have them in black and I wear them so much I worry you won’t want to see outfit posts because I always wear the same boots. So now you get to see them in a new color. I also have the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots but I haven’t worn them since I got the Tielands. I love the Lowlands too but the Tielands are a better investment IMO because you can really dress them up or down. I tried to wear my lowlands on a night out and I felt so under dressed compared to all the cute heels being worn around me. Then the Tieland came out and I was hooked! A heeled boot as comfortable as the flat ones…..I’m in!

These boots do cost a pretty penny and I’m typically not a person to spend a ton on shoes. But the quality speaks for itself. I’ve had many dupes of this OTK style and none of them compared to the quality of the Stuart Weitzman boots. The dupes left me wanting to keep buying more in order to find ‘The Perfect’ dupes, and in the end I spent so much I could have just bought a pair of SW’s. Time to treat yourselves! Get on this sale!