December In Texas Outfit Post #OOTD

Today was the first warm (75°) day for us after a string of 60’s and below! I decided to take advantage of it and wear this new dress I bought ON SALE at Walmart.com. It’s only $7.50! Can you believe it? I bought it in the olive and pink colors. It’s a really nice dress too, made with nice thick material. I originally ordered the Medium size but exchanged them for a Large. I still have 7lbs of baby weight to lose before I can think of buying a Medium haha! After getting the Large though I’m definitely sure it will fit great after I lose all the baby weight too.  The long duster was purchased from a Burlington’s. I found a similar style at Nordstrom. But don’t forget about Walmart! They have a great selection of these dusters online for CHEAP!

My shoes are the Deserts by Tom’s. I bought them at Nordstrom. They go with everything don’t they?! I actually wasn’t sold on this shoe until 2 years ago I saw this chic looking chick at the airport. We were delayed for 4 hours in a crowded San Diego airport miserable….and I looked it. I was admiring her outfit and the fact that she looked so good after sitting in an airport for hours. She was wearing these Tom’s too! I though GENIUS! It’s a way you can wear a cute shoe and still be comfortable. I think I bought a pair online from Nordstrom right then and there. My Earrings are by Nadri and the watch is my new love – the FITBIT Charge 2. I bought the special edition rose gold FITBIT Charge 2 and it’s SO worth the extra money. The handbag is a vintage Chanel Mini in lambskin with GHW. Here is a similar style by Kate Spade.

Long cardigan here
Toms shoes here
$7.50 DRESS!! here
Nadri earrings here
Fitbit Charge 2 here
Chanel Mini Flap, Similar here


Gift Giving Guide 2017

Christmas is upon us again! Can you believe it? Another year flew by and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. It’s true what they say, ‘The older you get the faster time goes’. YES and YES! Why…….. time please slow down for those of us desperately trying to savor every smile and laugh our babies give us. Back to the fun part that comes at the end of each year, GIFTS! I like giving gifts. It’s my primary love language so why wouldn’t I? If you guys are like my husband though, you’re horrible at the gift giving thing. You never know what to buy and it gives you hives just thinking about picking out the right gift. Lucky for my hubby I send him periodic e-mails letting him know what I have my eye on, just in case he needs a life line. But for the rest of the special people in your life, what in the world do you get them? I like to think of myself as a master gift giver. I love to give and shopping for the perfect gift is actually a fun task for me. Here are 10 items that would make great gifts this year.

1) Fit Bit 2
These Fit Bits have come a LONG way since I bought one for Tom for Christmas 5 years ago. This was actually something I got for Christmas, and since I couldn’t wait I’m already using mine. So far I love it. Not only does it track your activity like steps, heart rate, and sleep, it also connects to your phone so that every time you get a text or phone call it will show up on the watch. I love it! Yesterday I was around the house doing chores and every call or text I was getting made my watch vibrate. The texts even show up ON THE WATCH! I haven’t used this during a workout yet so I can’t say how I feel about the heart rate monitor. I know the first generation of this watch was not great for people circuit training because it had trouble keeping up with the HR changing so often. I hope they fixed that because I cannot exercise without a heart rate monitor. It also has a cool function that walks you through a 2 minute breathing session when things are getting too stressful throughout your day. PLUS it all connects to your phone so you can track your calories, customize your settings, and set activity alerts and goals for yourself. You can even buy different bands to customize your look! So in my book this gets an A+ because anything that can help us be a little healthier is a welcomed gift.

Great for men, women, and kids
Easy to use
Connects to phone
Great easy app
Bands are changeable
2 sizes for different wrists

$149 may be too much for some to spend, but it’s worth it for all it does!
Wish it came in yellow gold
Not waterproof

2) Rodan and Fields Lash Boost

Give the gift of great lashes (or brows)! This year I started my business with Rodan and Fields and I have been blown away by their products. As a blogger, I’m constantly trying out new products but these have beat them all. One product that shines bright is the Rodan and Fields Lash Boost Serum. This stuff is amazing. I’ve used so many lash growing serums in my time and this one has blown them all out of the water. I cannot be without it! Since starting my business my friends are now addicted to it as well! I’ve learned for some reason people avoid spending money on skincare products for themselves. That is why giving it as a gift becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Once people feel and see the difference they will see what a great gift it is.

It works!
Lasts 3-4 months
No Side Effecs
Dermatologist created
Works on brows and lashes
60 Monday back guarantee!

$150 PC Price But it’s only $135 if you are a PC Perks member!
Can take up to 12 weeks to see results (you WILL see results)

3) Rodan and Fields Redefine Regimen
For the same reasons I listed about the lash boost. Most people don’t like spending money on their skincare which is why gifting it is such a great option. This Redefine regimen is our anti-aging flag ship. It comes as a no fuss kit. Use 3 products in the morning and 3 at night. It comes with a day cream WITH SPF and a night cream. For the price you get 4 products that will last months! If this isn’t the right regimen for your receiver we have 4 others. Reverse lightening for skin discoloration (age spots, freckles), Reverse Brightening for a brighter complexion and dull skin, Unblemish for those with acne, Soothe for those with sensitive skin.

Easy to use for those who are new to skincare
Results results results!
60 day money back guarantee

Retail is $199 – But please don’t waste money paying retail price.
PC perks is only $179 + free shipping for 4 products

4) Convection Bowl
This may seem like a silly gift to some, but that’s just because you haven’t seen how awesome this thing is! We use this thing almost every day. This is essentially an updated toaster oven. A better toaster oven. It cooks faster, the food tasted better, it fits more, it’s easier to clean, it’s just all around better. You have so much variety on what you can use it for. Have you heard of those “air fryers”? These are essentially large air fryers. They cook the food exactly the same way. But with the convection bowl you can actually cook things. We primarily use it to re-heat leftovers (pizza is so good heated in here), chicken tenders, frozen foods, fried foods. I stumbled upon this thing while I doing research about air fryers and I am SO glad I did. It has changed our food/kitchen game. I barely use my oven which saves a ton of energy.

Can use for a ton of things
Inexpensive at around $50
Great gift for any adult or student

The bowl gets very hot so make sure kids can’t reach it

5) Alterna Haircare Caviar Moisture Duo
These are SO SO GOOD! I went over a year with my hair out of whack when we first moved to Texas. The climate was just too different from Colorado. We went from no humidity to 50% minimum and that was hard for my hair. I tried many many products and everything left my hair dry or greasy. I saw this duo and I gasped at the price. I was intrigued because it had great reviews but it was so expensive. Though, there had to be a reason why people kept coming back and spending the money on it. I caved and bought it thinking that there was no way it was going to be worth the money. Well after the first use I was sold. It left my hair silky soft and perfect. I could go longer without washing my hair and it wouldn’t get greasy! It was some weird hair magic and I cannot explain how or why these products are so amazing. All I know is that they are!

Left hair silky soft
Hair didn’t get greasy for several days after washing

Expensive for shampoo and conditioner
May not be worth it for men with short hair

I hope these ideas are somewhat ‘out of the box’ from the typical (boring) bath set you can find at any store. The main thing I focus on when gift giving is making sure I’m buying something that will be USEFUL! If it doesn’t get used then it becomes a waste of money for both me and my receivers. I don’t ever want to give a gift that becomes “It’s the thought that counts”. Some of these items are available at Nordstrom which is where I HIGHLY recommend you buy they from. They offer free shipping and free return shipping. The also have the best return policy in the biz. The Rodan and Fields stuff you can get through me or my RF site. Feel free to email me at sarahmarie55@gmail.com.


Pink Blush Maternity Haul + Give Away!

Pink Blush Maternity is an online store that has more than just maternity clothes. They have the prettiest dresses people! I love them. I actually found PBM when I was shopping for things to wear on my maternity shoot. I ordered a few things and I fell in love. My dresses still fit me because they are made with a great stretchy material. I could also breastfeed really easily in the dresses I bought. They have a lot of things that are breastfeeding friendly too.

Another thing they have are really cute robes! I have a few from them and have bought them as gifts. The robes are so cute….I’m actually wearing mine as I write this post! I live in them. Here’s a tip – GIVE THEM AS GIFTS! I’ve gifted these robes and the receivers LOVED them! I mean come on, who wouldn’t? They are so cute and unique and it’s something that people tend to avoid spending money on.

I am giving away a $75 gift card to Pink Blush Maternity! Visit my YouTube Video Give Away to find out how to enter!

PLUS I have a 40% off coupon code for the website! It is “CYBERMONDAY”.

Cute right? Comfy too which is probably the most important thing. I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving. I’m so excited for this give away. Don’t forget to enter!!! Also if you are impatient like me and just want to shop don’t forget you can use the code “CYBERMONDAY” and get 40% off. Happy shopping everyone and good luck to my give away entries.


Rainy Days! #OOTD

Outfit Details

Dress is Derek Heart from Walmart and it’s on clearance for less than $10! The fabric is very very soft and it’s very comfortable. I have to admit that I have been buying a lot of my clothes from Walmart.com because I’m still in the weight loss process. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothing when my sizes keep changing every month. Plus I love pairing really nice accessories with inexpensive clothing items! 

You guys are going to be sick of seeing these boots, but I LOVE them! They are the Stuart Weitzman Tieland boots, and they have them at Nordstrom now! When they first came out they were only at SW online. My herringbone tights I bought at Burlingtons for $5.99 (2-pack!). 

My handbag is the wonderful Gucci Disco bag. This bag is a great crossbody. It was actually the one that got away for me. I got one in gold and then I sold it because I wanted something else. Well for over a year I missed that bag and I wished I never sold my first one. I finally caved and bought it again. It’s the perfect size for a cross body, not too big and not too small. I have a lot of other crossbody bags but they don’t fit very much. The Disco bag fits a lot! Plus the leather strap is very comfortable to wear. 

Watch is the Urban by Michele. I have an orange/red band on it right now. I love that they sell the coolest interchangeable bands with Michele watches. My earrings are just my diamond studs. I always recommend buying the Nordstrom CZ studs! They are the best alternatives.

 We took these pictures underneath the parking shade in the doctors parking lot. I drove to the hospital to give Tom his laptop and meet him for lunch. The rain didn’t let up so we got stuck taking the pictures in the ugly parking lot haha. Unfortunately he didn’t get to come home with me after lunch, but at least we got an hour together in the middle of the day! I’m loving pairing quality accessories with a cheaper outfit right now. Of course I’d much rather fit into my closet full of clothes (pre-baby)!!! Ugh the last 10 lbs of baby weight is being extra stubborn. It’s been a month and a half since I stopped breastfeeding so I know it’ll just take a little bit more time. There are 2 types of breastfeeding mommas. Those who get the fat sucked out of them and those who hoard the weight until BF is complete. Even with Audrey I had an extra 5 lbs hanging around until I was done BF her. With Elliot it’s 10 lbs, but I’ve been a lot nicer to my body this time around. I still feel self conscious though. The progress is slow but it’s there. Skinny jeans here I come! (hopefully soon)