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Too Attached


Today I met a couple who had been together for 2 decades and just had their first child. As I was getting to know them I couldn’t help but be glad I wasn’t them! I think a lot of parents get too attached to their first baby and they let it really change their lives. I notice lots of first born children having some kind of social issues by being raised like this. It’s like the baby and parents in a plastic bubble. Their baby was about to turn one and they had not been away from him for even 1 hour. They were talking about how life ‘used’ to be and how they were able to go out and now they can’t. They have lots of options for babysitters, but they have never accepted. They sat there and spoke about how nice it would be to get away from their baby to feel “normal” again. I told them to just DO IT because it was important for all of them.

I went on to tell them about our trip to Scotland when Audrey was 8 months old and that we were leaving her again to go to Las Vegas tomorrow. Believe me, it’s hard when you first leave your little baby but once you get to your destination its wonderful. I knew from the beginning that I did not want to be the type of parent who creates an unhealthy attachment between myself and my child and vice versa. I think new parents tend to do that with their first-born, but once the second baby arrives things change. And for a family whose life revolved around that one little baby, a second baby can shake things up drastically. I want to be able to continue my life as ‘Sarah’ and also as ‘Mommy’. If I just become ‘Mommy’ what will happen to me after my children are all grown up? I adore Audrey, but I would be doing her and myself a disservice to teach her that my world revolves around her. I want her to grow up secure in knowing that Mommy and Daddy love her, but to see that we are also ‘Sarah’ and ‘Tom’. One day she’ll have her own babies and I hope she learns how important it is to take time for herself by our example.

Ah speaking of time for myself, bed sounds just wonderful right now.


Fall Is Around The Corner!

Every year I see the trees start to turn and I cling to what’s left of summer. I want to wear as little clothing possible until I have to pull out that big down jacket. Over the last week it was somewhat cold and cloudy everyday so I got a little taste of winter again. It was nice to bring out the boots and thigh high socks, BUT I can only stand to wear boots so long. I GET SO BORED with the boot look since I am a flip flop kind of girl. Every winter I get into my closet and feel sad that I have to wear boots again. My open toed wedges and True Religion jeans are calling my name! But lets be real, what a disaster that would be on icy walk ways and snow.

I think this year my plan of attack will be to wear boots with everything, shorts, skirts, leggings, and of course the skinny jean staple. I need to buy a pair of comfortable boots with a heel. That way I can get away with looking girly and also stay warm. Last year I just had Audrey so my focus was comfort and well, whatever would even fit me!

Audrey and I took a walk yesterday and we took some pictures of the leaves for you all to see.

IMG_0438     IMG_0440

This spot of water is the last bit that we have left over from all the rain. Northern Colorado got it really bad. I can’t believe how destructive the rain was for us. Last year the LACK of rain was bad and this year it seems like the opposite. Somethings always going on in this state. We are popular for too many reasons lol.





Thank you all for being a part of this give away! For the Black Moby Original the winner is ……………………………………..Honebee80!!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I will be sending you an e-mail.


And the winner of the red woven Moby Wrap is ………………………………………………marylilly1! AHHHHHH congratulations!!!!!


Happy Anniversary To Us




Today is Tom and my anniversary together. September 11th is a very important date for more than one reason. It’s nice that we can remember the people lost on 9/11 and we can celebrate our relationship. Well at least we will never forget the date! I am having really bad allergies though. I feel so bad. It’s non-stop sneezing and and runny nose. Today was cloudy and raining all day too. It made me think WINTER!

I wish I could say that our anniversary this year was full of love and romantic, but it was quite the opposite. Yesterday we got into an argument and it kind of numbed our emotions and we are still recovering. We love each other very much, but like every relationship we have our issues. Unfortunately this was a larger, reoccurring issue that came up this week. Relationships are hard work and ours is no exception. But I am so happy that we can celebrate our love at the end of the day. We had really good Chinese takeout for dinner though. I am still full. Now it’s time for ice cream.