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Goodwill Finds


At Goodwill on Saturday they had a half off everything sale. We usually go every month but this month we found a great dining room set. I have been wanting a bench dining set for our informal area for a long time. I was getting so tired of moving big heavy chairs around and sweeping between all their legs. This table came with a bench and two other chairs. And since it was the half off day is was only $70! We quickly decided to buy it and take it home. Unfortunately we later discovered that the previous owners had glued the bench back together after the wood, well MDF, had ripped apart. Tom was pretty upset to discover this while putting it together, but it looked like an easy enough repair. All we needed to do was replace the end piece with solid wood. I had some scrap wood left over from a different project that we used. It turned out to be the perfect width for this bench end.

We cut the wood then screwed it back in and it worked! We fixed it and it was free to fix. Now I just have to decide what color to make it. I really don’t like light oak so I want to paint it ASAP. I am not an expert when it comes to painting furniture so I’ll have to read up on it before I start. But I am still very proud of our new set. Everyone can fit on the bench alone now, and before there was hardly enough room. It really is a great space saver for us.

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Halloween Party

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We got invited to a Halloween party by Tom’s friends from college. They actually have this party every year and last year Audrey was brand now. Here is a picture of us all dressed up. Audrey was very comfortable in her watermelon costume. She likes being snug as a bug. We had a good time. Tom especially enjoyed his sumo costume that he bought at Goodwill last year. It has a fan and battery pack connected to it and it puffs up like a balloon!

Here are some pictures from this Halloween party last year. Aw she was just so sweet and tiny. I really miss this little baby I used to have, but I also love this big baby full of attitude. I just can’t believe this is going to be Audrey’s second Halloween already. Time to get moving on my scrapbook of the last year!

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Everyone Together!

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These pictures are our attempt at getting a good picture of all the cousins. My mom wanted to take a picture with all of her grandbabies since we were all in the same house for the week. It was just short of a disaster. Audrey wasn’t into it and then when she was the other babies weren’t into it. It was very funny trying to get them to look at the same time and sit still together. These pictures are so cute and they really showed how chaotic life is when you have babies. I hope we can get a good pictures eventually because they are all so cute. Audrey is going to be very close to my sisters twin girls because she is only 6 months older. I can just imagine them all at 13, calling each other to gossip and going shopping together. I’m excited to see how their relationships grow. Even though we live in separate states, I’m sure they will see each other a lot.


Hi From Houston

imageHello everyone! We have been in Houston since Monday with my sister and mom. We are in a house with 7 month old twins, a 3 year old, and our 12 month old Audrey. It feels a little like an orphanage right now lol. There are babies everywhere and unfortunately my baby likes to scream herself to sleep! It’s very busy here. I really hope I don’t ever have multiples  That is a super hard road and the moms out there that have had multiples deserve serious respect.

We we go home tomorrow to see daddy! Audrey has been very friendly with everyone here. She loves her cousins. She was feeding her baby cousin Ava her cracker today. It was so sweet.  It’s also so warm here in Houston. I’m not ready for winter, it seems like it just came so fast this year.