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DIY Ruffle Tablecloth


I bought all of my supplies at Walmart. It was a $30 project and it was easy to do. I made mine to fit a 6ft table.


Caketable1 SmashCake1

We had Audrey’s birthday party this Saturday. I had too much fun decorating. I LOVE party planning and this was so much fun for me. From the invitations to the party decorations, I loved it all. I love DIY projects so I think I see so much possibility when it comes to parties. I was disappointed that a lot of the people we invited didn’t show up. It’s always funny to see who is really supportive and who has better things to do. But we did have about 15 people there so it was still good. My centerpiece of the event was the cake table. I will post more pictures once I get them but here’s a little taste. Audrey had a good time and she loved her jumping castle. She was so funny with her smash cake, such a lady. She was starting to melt down after 4 because she was tired, but once everyone left at 5 she was fine and happy.

I have to collect all my DIY projects and post some videos and instructions for everyone.

IMG_0951 IMG_0955


Audrey Blondie!


I just love her hair! She is such a cutie baby! All I want to do is squeeze this little person. Today was a half off day at Goodwill so we packed the car up and went to find some deals. We had no idea that we would find the PERFECT costume for Audrey. If you don’t know this about me yet let me tell you….. I LOVE WATERMELON! It is amazing and so yummy. Audrey loves it too. But I also love anything watermelon or pink and green. If you walk around my house you will probably find watermelon soap bars, watermelon picture frames, watermelon tea lights, and whatever else have I’ve come across in my lifetime that reminds me of watermelon. But now I have a WATERMELON BABY! ARGGG AG AG AG so cute. It was only $1.00, HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT? We scored this time at Goodwill. Audrey got a lot of new outfits since she has started to outgrow a lot of her clothing.


Goodwill is great for Holiday decorations too. We bought the cutest little guy for $4. He fits right into our Halloween family.

IMG_0824 IMG_0825



Today we flew home from Las Vegas to see our birthday girl! Audrey is one today. WOW! We landed in Colorado and it was cloudy and 40 degrees yuck! It was so terrible to leave somewhere warm and sunny for freezing Colorado. The trees had also changed!


But you know what’s funny, the first snow we got last year was the morning after Audrey was born. We woke up the next day to see the ground covered in white. It was special because we got to see the first snow with our new baby girl, born at 5:25pm on October 4. She was a whopping 8lbs and 20 inches long. I was so excited to see our baby, and I couldn’t wait to get home! Unfortunately she was napping when we arrived so we had to wait for an hour. But once she woke up we went right in and got her.

Audrey had the cutest bed head going on from her nap. She stared at us for 5 minutes before she started warming up to us. But eventually she started talking and laughing. She definitely got bigger while we were away. She grew about an inch and really started to look like a toddler.


Audrey’s aunt sent her a present! She was so cute trying to figure out how to use this new tent. SHE ALSO STARTED WALKING!!!!! When we got home she took about 7 steps. OMG! This all happened so fast. I can’t believe we have a toddler! We love her so much. She was also showing quite the attitude when things didn’t go her way. I hadn’t seen her for a whole week so it was cute for today………. Hopefully it won’t get worse, BUT SHE’S JUST SO CUTE!



Awwwwww I wish we had more time to spend with her today. It went too fast. I think I am going to roll her birthday onto tomorrow too so I can feel like we got to spend enough time with out one year old.

IMG_0784 IMG_0785 IMG_0779


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our precious baby girl!