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Hi From Las Vegas!

We have been in Las Vegas since Friday. We left Audrey with her grandma for the week and they have been having a great time. She’s getting spoiled because her birthday is TOMORROW!!!! I am so so so so so so so saaaaaaaaaad. Well not really, but I definitely will miss the before ONE phase of having a baby. This year went so fast. We definitely miss our little baby with blonde curly hair. She is SO cute.

Here we were at the airport waiting to hand the baby off to grandma

IMG_0602 IMG_0608 IMG_0610

We’ve been enjoying the beach here at the Madalay Bay. Our first room felt a little over used, but they moved us to a room with a king size bed. This room felt less abused, but definitely needed an update. Over the weekend the beach was extremely crowded, but its been empty during the week. We stopped by the Coca Cola store and took a picture with the polar bear.

IMG_0619 IMG_0635


Saturday night we went to the Mirage to see Daniel Tosh do a standup show! IT WAS HILARIOUS! He was just great. Some crazy drunk lady tried to walk up onstage and when he saw her coming he said “I’m positive you’re not going to make it!”. The timing was perfect and it was so funny. This lady ended up causing other problems throughout the night and Tosh didn’t miss a beat. We ate at a burger place before the show and tried FRIED OREOS! They were so unhealthy tasting. They tasted like oreo flavored donuts.

IMG_0623 IMG_0626

Monday night we had a black tie event to go to. Obviously we have been busy here! But it’s been a nice vacay away from our little baby. The weather has been great every day and I may even come back to Colorado with a tan!