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Audrey’s One Year Photo Shoot!

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We took Audrey’s pictures October 31st. It was so windy and pretty chilly, but in spite of all that we got some great shots. I loved bringing the balloons as a prop. Even though we froze our butts off we had a good time. 


How To Remove Chicco Nextfit Shoulder Pads

I bought this carseat at Bed Bath & Beyond for $223. Normally this carseat runs between $279-$300. But I used a 20% off coupon and I got free shipping since it was over $99. While I was researching carseats for my 1 year old I was having a really tough time deciding between the Chicco or a cheaper Safety First Convertible carseat. Both carseats were equal when it came to safety, but the Chicco Nextfit had the easy clip in system. Now I don’t know how important that is anyways because our plan is to buy a carseat for each car so we wouldn’t have to worry about unhooking and hooking it back up. Was the simple installation really worth an extra $100 if we were just going to have to install it once? The next question that popped into my mind was the size. I really don’t want a bulky carseat taking up most of the space in my car. This Nextfit is quite bulky and the Safety First one wasn’t as wide but it was taller. The Chicco didn’t have the advantage when it came to size and mobility. Since I really couldn’t decide I sat my husband down and told him to compare the two and help me decide. He wanted the Chicco since the day we played with it in Babies R Us. It is very padded and it has 10 different recline position, you don’t have to re-thread the seat belts, it’s quick and easy to install and remove, it has a bubble level on the carseat so you know how to adjust it, and the fabric was very smooth and nice. So I caved and bought it.

Once the Chicco Nextfit arrived I was shocked at how heavy it was. There aren’t really handles on it so it’s a little awkward to carry around. I had read a lot of complaints about the shoulder pads and the reviews were right. These shoulder pads were horrendous. I was worried because the reviews I read had said that the shoulder pads couldn’t be removed and their had to cut them off. I wasn’t too interested in disfiguring my expensive new carseat so I looked up a way to take them off without having to cut them. My baby screamed and cried every time I tried to put her in the carseat because these rubbery shoulder pads are some sort of baby torture device. Once I removed them she sat in her carseat and actually fell asleep. I still don’t know if she likes this carseat but I know she HATED those shoulder pads. So here is a video that will show you how I removed them from my Nextfit without busting out the scissors.