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A New Baby!


Last Christmas Tom and I were walking through Costco when we saw a huge bin of GIANT TEDDY BEARS! They were the regular brown color bears and the 29.95 price tag made me pass them up. But I said “If they were Panda bears I would definitely buy it”. Well yesterday I was out doing the grocery grind and I saw one of these magical creatures riding his way to the checkout line in someones cart. I was on a mission! I had to find him. When I went to the toy section in Costco there was the same bin we had seen the year before, only this time it was filled with PANDAS AND POLAR BEARS!!!!! GASP! I looked up at the price, yuck still $29.95. But I remembered the words I said last year and this was a sign. I looked in the bin and there was only ONE panda left to adopt. It was the universe telling me we belonged together. He was so huge he was invading Audrey’s space in the cart! Everyone we passed thought the bear was for Audrey, and I let them think that. The truth is he’s MINE! But she can play with him too.

If you are wondering where my panda obsession came from, watch this video. I found it randomly on YouTube and I was hooked!


Home Makers Are Amazing!

I am going to address the misconception that a lot of ignorant people tend to have about stay at home wives/moms. I say wives and moms because there are a lot of women that are home makers who don’t have children yet. The people that don’t understand the work load that home makers take on have never been home makers. Families where both parents work still have to find a way to complete some of the tasks that home makers do. But the idea that they do the same amount of work in ADDITION to their full time jobs is just ludicrous. Yes there are tasks around the house that must be done in both cases, but chasing and growing babies around the clock is the real work. There is nothing wrong with admitting that taking care of our children is hard work, and it’s 24/7. Let’s talk about some definitions:


[wurk]  Show IPA noun, adjective, verb, worked or ( Archaic , except for 29, 31, 34 )wrought; working.



exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil.

something on which exertion or labor is expended; a task or undertaking: The students finished theirwork in class.

productive or operative activity.

employment, as in some form of industry, especially as a means of earning one’s livelihood: to look forwork.

one’s place of employment: Don’t phone him at work.


The cleaning! Now keeping a house clean is a job that is completed by home makers as well as the parents who work outside the home. However, when you are a home maker the biggest challenges come from the fact that you stay home 24-7 to raise your children. A family in which both parents work while their children must spend their day in daycare has to deal with cleaning, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, etc just like the home makers. But if you consider that the bulk of their day is spent outside of the home, that would create a lot less mess. There are two categories of home makers 1) home makers with young children (0-5) and 2) home makers without children at home all day or none at all. I would fall in the #1 type of home maker. Kids = MESS! If I decided to go back to work my kids would spend most of their week in daycare. Which means the daycare would be messy instead of my home! My baby has 14 hours in a day to make messes, but if she were in daycare her productive mess time would be reduced to 4-6 hours. Obviously a lot less damage can be done in 4-6 hours vs. 14 hours.
The first definition of WORK is – exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil. Do you consider washing hundreds (or thousands depending on family size) of laundry items an “effort directed to produce or accomplish something”? I sure do! In my home I do laundry for 5 people and that means I do a minimum of 10 large loads/week. I change my toddler 2-3 times a day; this doesn’t include the amount of cloth diapers I change also. Once your laundry is clean you must fold/hang and put the items away. And let’s not forget the steaming and ironing that needs to be done also!
Cooking healthy home made meals is definitely a job. Millions of families sit down every day in a restaurant and pay a chef to prepare meals for them. Home makers don’t get paid in the same ways a chef would, however I consider a healthy family to be a form of compensation. Your health isn’t always granted to you; it’s something that you earn through healthy eating and exercise. Healthy meals don’t have to be hard to make, but they do take more prep time. All the processed food available now means that you can open a can or box and have a meal in 5-10 minutes, but it’s never a healthy option when compared to a home made meal with healthy ingredients. I am not against canned or boxed food, but like everything in life there must be moderation. Nothing beats the nutritional content that fresh fruits and vegetables provide your body. When my husband gets home, dinner is usually cooked and ready to eat or being prepared. Grocery shopping is also a HUGE part of being able to cook healthy meals. Healthy meals mean fresh ingredients. Fruits and vegetables need to be purchased 1-3 times/week. I am not a fan of the grocery grind. I find it really draining, especially when you have you little kiddos to tote around with you. My 1 year old makes any trip outside the house 100 times more difficult.
It seems like a lot of articles about home makers have comments that basically said “But home makers and stay at home moms aren’t professionals so they don’t do professional work.” GASP! Really!? My dad is an inventor,engineer,and entrepreneur and I learned from him that if you want something done right you probably have to do it yourself. The people who said these things were basically saying “since you aren’t a professional your children are better off being raised by someone who is!” There is NO ONE on earth that could clean my home, chauffeur my kids, wash our clothes, cook our meals, and care for my children better than myself. Hired professionals are hired, so they do efficient jobs. My husband and I would rather stay home for a meal than go out because I am an excellent cook and I do care what goes into my body.
Most importantly it’s the sacrifice. Having children is a blessing, but they are and should be a huge commitment. I think everyone sacrifices for their kids in different ways. My sacrifice would be putting my life and interests on hold so I can stay home to help my child grow. And being able to be 100% a part of their baby a toddler years is special. Children don’t want to be nurtured by anyone but their mommies and daddies. A lot of families just can’t afford to have a parent stay home and that is understandable. There are also a lot of parents that can’t handle what being a stay at home parent entails; I’m referring to the lack of a personal life. I know first hand that it is very very hard. You really don’t have any “ME” time when your kids are at home. I have no disrespect for these types of situations. My frustration is directed at people who think home makers have taken the easy road. If you don’t want to raise your children don’t have any! For me personally, choosing to stay home with my babies is definitely the harder route. I would much rather be out having adult interaction and working outside of the home for the day. But I think it’s more important to spend these precious moments with my babies while they are young and getting to know the world. I would be devastated if I just let these precious, short baby years slip by without being there every second.
When my babies are older I will start by putting them in school part time so they can socialize. When they are at school I can use that time to enter the world of adults again. I don’t plan on staying home once my children are in school full time. My time is definitely most valuable staying at home while they are too young for school. I would get very bored if I stayed home all by myself every day. I will probably go back to work and enjoy my new freedom. But as I’m sitting her typing this, I’m watching my 14 month old pull every book off the book shelf while trying to run a comb through her curly hair and I think to myself that these moments are too special to miss.


IMG_1896 IMG_1903


It’s been snowing the last few days in Colorado. Yesterday it was a whopping 6 degrees all day. When the temperature is below 20 degrees it seems there is nothing you can do to keep warm. No matter what you will be cold, even inside my home seems more drafty. But the snow is so pretty. Today it’s already starting to melt, which means warmer weather but still not WARM. Audrey wasn’t a fan of the cold. I need to get her a warm pair of snow boots. Right now it is 1 degree outside but our high today is 12 degrees YAY! 12 degrees, it’s time to bust out the bathing suit and flip flops. We still haven’t been up to ski this season. I think we will after the Holidays. It seems like last year we started skiing earlier. It’s a great Hot Chocolate day, but I have such an aversion to hot cocoa and I don’t know why. I like drinking it, but I’d rather use those calories eating ice cream. Today I have to make myself leave the house to get some wrapping paper. We are done shopping for Christmas and now I get to wrap everything!