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Santa Fe Trip


We went to Santa Fe, NM for a week in April. We were looking forward to warm weather…………… yeah, that didn’t happen. It was cold and windy most days. We stayed at the El Dorado hotel for the first half and moved to the Hilton for the second. The Hilton was SO MUCH NICER. We wished we had stayed there the whole time. We roadtripped in down from Denver. It was about a 6 hour drive, but we stopped a lot to give the baby time to stretch her legs. Audrey hasn’t been much of a talker, well not English. She talks plenty, we just don’t understand it. This week she was talking a ton. She was pronouncing words perfectly like she’s been talking this whole time. Words like doggy, bubble, ball, cool, bye bye, car, but she says it twice like ball ball. It’s so cute hearing her start to speak Eniglish, but I know it will never end now haha! She has gotten so big. I just can’t believe how fast my little baby has grown up. Now every time I see a little baby I think “I WANT ONE!’

Santa Fe was a cute town but I think a week was too long to spend there. If the weather was nicer we would have been able to do more. Audrey also caught something so she wasn’t feeling too good. We stayed in the hotel room a lot, which I didn’t mind too much once we moved to the Hilton. One day we went to the Plaza area and there was a band playing. Audrey just LOVED it. They should have given us a portion of their tips because people were stopping by to watch her dance! You can see her dancing in our vlogs of Santa Fe. She also learned how to jump on this trip! Now she can open doors, which is pretty scary. She would run out of the hotel room whenever she could.

The drive wasn’t too strenuous. Audrey napped for half of it and then a good portion was spent watching Yo Gabba Gabba on the iPad. It was highway driving the whole way so we didn’t hit any traffic. But I definitely would not have wanted to spend any more time in the car for one day.


Our Easter Weekend!


Our Easter weekend started with a baby trying to swim in the dog food! She went straight into the bath tub. Here is a picture of her in her custom made (by my stepmom) watermelon baby towel. It is the cutest thing! It’s a hand towel that she sewed buttons onto so it fits Audrey perfectly.

Saturday our church was hosting a huge egg hunt at the park. They had two egg hunts, one for ages 5 and under and another for 5 and up. DEFINITION of EGG HUNT – A flat space of grass with thousands of eggs (hardly a “hunt”, more of a buffet). But Audrey was a natural! They let the 1 year olds go out 30 seconds before the older kids to give them a fighting chance. I guess they weren’t ready for THIS little hunter! She didn’t waste any time. Once she crossed the rope she was grabbing eggs left and right, two at a time. She didn’t even know there was CANDY in them yet. I wonder if she stopped to think “Why am I running around picking up these colorful plastic balls and putting them in a bag?” She probably gathered 2 dozen eggs on her own. After the hunt you have to go through your eggs to see if you found any “golden ticket”, but Audrey was more focused on the candy.

IMG_0784 IMG_0787

After her hunt it was the older kids turn at an egg buffet. Everyone was standing around waiting when Audrey notices this car JUST HER SIZE. She didn’t care who it belonged to, she jumped right in and started to drive. Aw my little “Grand Theft Auto” baby ha ha! 



After the egg buffets we went to Wally World to buy supplies to color eggs. Audrey obviously had other interests at the store. She wanted to try on the hats and she would pose and say “CHEEEEEEESE”! How freaking adorable!

IMG_0801    IMG_0800

We started to dye the eggs with a lot of trepidation because we had no idea how messy Audrey was going to make this. In the end she was content watching the older kids dye eggs while she drank a bottle and cuddled with her new egg friend. She sat the whole time holding this egg to her cheek…………….well before she bashed it on the table and ate it. 



It’s SUNDAY and it’s time to celebrate what Easter is really about. He is RISEN – no not the bunny people, JESUS! It was a more frustrating morning since I am the only one in my family trying to direct attention to the real meaning of Easter. We focused on the egg hunting, candy and other festivities on Saturday. So I wanted Sunday to be focused on Jesus and what this day represented. But after the thousandth mention of the easter bunny it was beginning to be disrespectful. I think if it were up to my husband Christmas and Easter would be 5% Jesus and 95% Santa and Bunny! I understand that those things are more fun for some people, but if we keep watering down our Holidays eventually there won’t be anything more than the Eater Bunny. The TRUE meaning of these days will be lost and when our children have children they will know Jesus even less. Luckily the weather was so nice and we got to go outside and enjoy it a bit after church. We tried on Audrey’s bike helmet again and, as you can see she found an interesting way to wear it. I tried to take her on a bike ride but she wasn’t into it 🙁 Sad moment. 

I’m so impatient for the leaves on our trees to come out! We are so late this year and it’s making me sad. I want GREEN NOW!


IMG_0822 IMG_0825



Pantene Dry Shampoo Review

IMG_1484 IMG_1485

I saw these while I was searching for my favorite dry shampoo by Dove. I am always interested in trying new products so I picked them up. I used each one of them and right away I could tell what order I’d put them in. The greem one – Original Fresh did absolutely nothing but made my hair smell nice. The Root Reboot (purple) was a little better but still did basically nothing. Finally the Blowout Extend (blue) actually did something for me, but I still wouldn’t recommend it. These smell wonderful but they just don’t work. I had really high hopes for these because I’m usually a fan of Pantene products. The best of the three for my hair was the Blowout Extend because it made my hair smell nice and it did help a very teeny bit. But I still prefer the Dove Dry Shampoo.


Tory Burch Lip Color

While I was obsessed with Tom Ford lipstick, I came across Tory Burch Cosmetics. She just released some lipsticks and I fell in love with the orange and gold case. These lipsticks are $32 and I found mine at

The color Ramble On Rose is a matte light pink. It’s really pretty and the texture is like a Revlon Lip Butter with about the same color payoff. My favorite part of this lipstick is the beautiful Tory Burch impression in the lipstick. All in all these are worth a try if you love cosmetics, but I probably wont buy anymore because I’d rather buy a Lip Butter for much less $$$.


Baby got to the box first though!

IMG_1604 IMG_1605 IMG_1606 IMG_1607 IMG_1608