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Decorating PEEPS!

It’s the day after the pageant and half of the house is down with the stomach flu. I am even starting to feel it. But I wanted to decorate some PEEPS today! I thought it would be really fun for the kids to decorate them and hand them out to their friends on Monday. I love Easter because of what the day TRULY MEANS and the pastels!!!!

All you need is some melting chocolate, Peeps, and sprinkles. You melt the chocolate in coffee cups and dip the peeps in them. Set the dipped peeps on wax paper and put your sprinkles on them. Then just let them harden. Everything was purchased at Walmart.

IMG_1599 IMG_1600 IMG_1601 IMG_1602


Our Little Audrey Is One And A Half!

IMG_0597 IMG_0606 IMG_0609 IMG_0595

18 Months already! I can’t believe how fast these months have gone. The last 6 months our baby has quickly grown from a baby to a non-stop toddler! She’s GO GO GO NAP, GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO BED! She is a very active little toddler now. She is constantly into something she shouldn’t be. She’s got a very strong personality that is equally as sweet. She loves to cuddle but she cannot be distracted if she has her mind set on something. Lately she has been saying “High Five!” and giving high fives all over the place. Her hair is curlier that ever and she doesn’t let us touch it! She has 3 teeth coming in at the same time on top. At the moment she has one fang on top and two middle teeth on the bottom. Tom likes to call her “Fang Baby” because she has one tooth on top to the right. Audrey is a super stubborn little girl! She’s the friendliest baby I’ve ever seen. We were walking around the museums here in DC and she will walk right up to a group of people and say “HI!”. She doesn’t even look to see if Daddy and I are following her. She will see a family and she’ll just join them and start following them and we have to snatch her back. It’s so funny how she completely skipped the STRANGER DANGER phase. In our hotel lobby there was a lady standing in the corner on her iphone, Audrey saw her and ran away from me to meet her. She walked right up and said “HI” then she gave her legs a hug! I have to admit that we love how cute and friendly she is. I prefer this over an anxious, paranoid child any day. Audrey has really grown up the last 6 months, and even though I’m sad to see her get older I am enjoying this phase quite a bit.


Spring Break 2014

Tom and I were alone this year for spring break. We dropped Audrey off in Arizona and then flew to Cancun. We stayed at Le Blanc which is a very fancy adults only, all inclusive. The hotel was a nice size, and they weren’t congested with guests. In the past we’ve stayed in places that were HUGE and they didn’t have the staff or the space to accommodate all of their guests. We really liked how attentive the staff was. They really took care of you. Every floor had a butler who would take care of the guests and what they needed in their rooms. This resort seemed to cater to an older clientele. I was one of the youngest people in the resort. It’s main focus is relaxation and they do a great job of providing that environment. When we got bored of relaxing they made it very easy to schedule excursions outside of the hotel. We went to Coco Bongo, Explor, and took a surfing lesson with 360 Surf School. Two of the days we rented cabanas on the beach and we LOVED it. The cabanas were really nice because they block you from the wind and you don’t have to leave for anything. The beach was beautiful! This wasn’t our first trip to Mexico, but it was our first time staying in Cancun. I think this was the best beach we’ve seen. The water was warm and light blue. The sand was white and so soft. Usually you find an occassional rock here and there or seaweed, but we didn’t see any of it the whole trip.

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