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Shadow Box Ideas For Nurseries

When Tom and I discovered our little Audrey growing we built a nursery for her in our master bedroom. It used to be a living room area with a couch,but it was basically wasted space because we didn’t use it. We closed it off by building a wall and then we painted it and added a new chandelier. It’s actually one of my favorite rooms in the house just because it’s so darn cute.

I didn’t put anything on the walls because I wanted to add things as she grew so her room would really be ‘hers’. I kept¬†things to scrapbook and put into shadow boxes. It really is a great idea, you hit 2 birds with one stone. You get things to hang on the walls and you get a special way to display keepsakes. I don’t like the idea of have boxes in the basement full of keepsake items. It feels ‘useless’ or like ‘clutter’ when it gets stored like that because let’s face it, how many of us actually go through these boxes once they are packed (other than during a move).

Here are the items I have framed and hung so far.

Here is Audrey’s “I Was Born at Home” certificate, which I am proud of.



On the left is Audrey’s first Christmas stocking. The blue backing on the shadow box is also the wrapping paper that I used for Christmas this last year – 2013. I thought that would be a nice touch, plus it’s beautiful and I had extra. The shadow box on the right it the onesie Audrey wore at her first birthday party, it also came with a hat.

IMG_0033 IMG_0034

On one of the shelves in the nursery is this shadow box with her foot and hand prints from when she was a newborn. Also in the box are a pair of her socks and pink ornament shoes that a close friend gave us.




Last we have this old comic book framed. Tom’s mom gave this to us when she first came to meet Audrey. It was a very sweet, thoughtful gift and I love seeing it on her wall. It’s also funny because the Audrey in the comic has red hair, and if you remember our Audrey had light red hair when she was born.



I hope this excites your creative side and gives you guys some ideas for your shadow boxes. I love keepsakes, but I HATE clutter so this was the perfect option for me.


Independence Day 2014



We started the day with some red, white, and blue pancakes. I really liked how they turned out. I just used some food coloring in the batter and then cooked like normal. It was very festive.


Next was hair and makeup time. We did the red, white, and blue colors again. I saw a picture of this hairstyle on a little girl and I re-created it for my step daughter Amelia. It came out BEAUTIFUL. See the star made out of braids?!




At around 5:30 we headed to the part to get a spot for the festivities. We invited some friends and Tom’s family was in town so we all got a big spot on the grass. It started raining shortly after we got there. It was a bummer because it didn’t stop for about an hour! Everything got pretty wet but I guess that is the trade off in order to enjoy fireworks this year. We haven’t had fireworks for 2 years because of the fires. Luckily the rain did finally stop and we got to see a little sun before the sun went down. Audrey was so tired. She was falling asleep during the fireworks. The finale was loud so it woke her up and she was pretty annoyed haha! But YAY for fireworks FINALLY!


June Loves!

Here are my June fav’s for you guys. I have a lot of stuff to show you. I forgot to add one thing though……my Honeywell Humidifier! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I have never owned such a great humidifier. It literally will take a large room from 30% to 50% humidity in less than an hour. It did cost a pretty penny – $85, but if you consider that I have to buy a new $50 humidifier every year then it’s pretty good (if it lasts). The cheaper humidifiers would mysteriously stop working at about a year. It’s manufacturers probably work together to make sure people keep buying new ones every year. I don’t know how long this one will last but if it works well for a year before I have to replace it then it’s worth it to me.