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Home Birth Talk

It’s a shame that this form of childbirth has been dying out. It’s a wonderful way to bring a baby into the world and our goal is to help educate the population about this option.


Halloween 2014

This was Audrey’s FIRST time trick or treating. She didn’t know what she was doing in the beginning. She would hold her basket out and say “please” only because we told her to, but by the end of the night she greeted every house with a “tik or teek!”. She even practiced saying “Tank yooo” after she received her candy. This little girl man. She didn’t have to take a step all night. She was passed around between Makayla, Tom, and myself. How great is that? You go trick or treating and you don’t have to walk yourself! It was so cold tonight though. This whole week was shorts weather but today it decided to be winter……. IMG_0899 IMG_0934