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Top – I purchased at ROSS

Jeans – Forever 21 skinny jeans

Boots – I’m in love with my Sam Edelman Louie boots!!!! 





Gerard Cosmetics Thoughts & Swatches





Fergie Daily

Fergie Daily by Wet n Wild

Kimchi Doll

Kimchi Doll

These lipsticks have a really nice smooth texture. I really like the colors I received. I think I really want to buy more lip glosses because I liked the consistency and the color pay off. Watch my video to hear more!




Black dress – target

Black sheer kimono – Ross

Fringe booties – Sam Edelman bought on Amazon

Necklace – bought in the Dominican on vacation. It’s a stone only found in the DR. 

The Sam Edelman boots were a STEAL. I was going to buy them on sale at but I always check Amazon too. Well on Nordstrom they were $130 …….. And on Amazon they were $49!!!! Of course the colors were different and from different seasons, but the $49 was worth passing on the lighter brown ones at Nordy. 


Schwinn 420 Elliptical

IMG_1841    IMG_1843 IMG_1839

We recently purchased this Schwinn 430 from Wal-mart because after our move we decided to cancel our gym membership. I love going to exercise classes, but the gym became such a hassle. It took hours to drive to the gym, check Audrey into the daycare, drop my stuff off in a locker, get to the class and set up, actually complete a workout……etc. Plus the gym membership here in San Antonio was going to be MORE expensive than it was in Denver. The Schwinn 430 was $577 plus tax. We considered that if we stayed with a gym not only would we have driving costs, we would also pay $150/month for our membership. Back in Denver we owned an older model Schwinn 430 elliptical that we sold before the move. I LOVED my old elliptical. It was light and easy to use, so I knew I wanted to get another one eventually.

This newer Schwinn 430 has a lot more features than my older one did. It has speakers, a fan, can keep memory for 2 users, more programs, larger foot pads, flash drive plug to transfer data, and I think it’s cheaper than the older one was. Compared to the older model, this one is definitely heavier and a bit bulkier. It’s still a good size for in home use though. I like having a fan in the monitor, that and a larger holder for my water bottles/remotes. The stride length is 20 inches vs. 18 inches on the older model. This also has a manual incline that you can adjust if you like, but I haven’t felt the need to use it. My husband set it up by himself with a few basic tools. It took a few hours and once it was set up we discovered that the monitor sat crooked and the heart rate monitor wasn’t working. I contacted Schwinn the next week and they were SO helpful. I just explained to them what was wrong and they shipped us new parts. Unfortunately the heart rate still wont pick up so I called them this week and they were just as nice as the first time. They sent out a whole new digital monitor that I hope will fix the problem. I am super impressed with their customer service.

I don’t really have any cons for this elliptical. I suppose I wish the poles were a few inches taller. It was awkward at first, but I’ve started to get used to them. They definitely give my arms a workout so I can’t really complain too much about their design.

I’m very happy with our decision to start exercising at home. It’s given us more family time because Tom exercises in the morning and I exercise in the afternoon which allows us to spend our evenings together instead of at the gym.