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Picture Table DIY!

 photo DIY Pic Table_zpsmkgkpnug.jpg

Hey guys I have a quick easy DIY for you guys today. This total project was about $16. We had this folding dinner table from Walmart for $10. The marble laminate came from Amazon for $6.

 photo 313ED893-00DD-4A00-9466-80E6C9343C44_zpsgckf1c4c.jpg

After you have the marble and the table all you need is a hot glue gun! Start by wiping down the table with a clean damp cloth to remove any dust. Unroll the laminate leaving enough of an edge to fold over the sides. Remove the paper backing to expose the sticky side and lay it over the table. Use your hands to smooth out any bubbles that may appear.

 photo AB0B8ACA-04F8-480A-8496-470F17884804_zps2ya6myjg.jpg

Fold the edges and corners down like you are wrapping a gift. Use your glue gun to glue the sides and corners in place.

 photo 20472BD1-3F63-4081-8A77-7AD4AF96C8D4_zpsvphi9zxg.jpg

 photo 1F0E8203-B5F1-4556-B765-DE4AD120DB58_zpso5iwsexo.jpg

TADA! Now you have a beautiful table you can take great photos on. You can fold it up and keep it in the closet until you need it.

 photo F5873F51-D2A6-4790-8A19-D0EF43AB666C_zpsq9dubiaq.jpg

Now set your items out and take some pictures!

 photo 5F41BCE2-B31C-40E9-ABE2-E5CBB5074AD5_zpsiujn8pcf.jpg


DIY Bay Window Curtain Rods


I was considering paying $60-$100 for a bay window curtain rod. Then I did some searching online and found a lot of DIY options that I could do at home. The first option I was considering was using PVC pipe and elbows to make the corners. Once I went to Home Depot I realized that the PVC was not going to be strong enough for my curtains. The PVC ended up bending so I used electrical conduit pipes. I bought the 3/4 inch size 10 ft in length for $3.06/piece. My bay window was 45in x 64in x 45 in so the 10 ft pole wasn’t going to be long enough. I bought 2 and just cut the second one to the right length. Tom and I measured the conduit pipe and then bent the pipe to match the angle. I used a protractor to measure the angles.


Then once the pipe was bent and cut to the right angles and length, I used some spray paint to paint the pipes gold.

IMG_1494 IMG_1511

I bought this plumbing “nipple” to use to connect the cut pieces. It took FOREVER for me to find something like this in Home Depot. I don’t understand why they didn’t have anything like this in the electrical conduit section. I eventually found this in the plumbing section.


TADA! Finished, well almost. I still need to buy something decorative to go on the ends of the poles. This whole project was under $10. We already owned the ikea hanging hooks from the windows we had curtains on in our last home. This project was CHEAP, easy, and relatively quick so I encourage you to give it a try. I have a large window in the Den that I want to make a curtain rod for also.


Simple Human Sensor Mirror

 photo CE16561B-9498-4532-9184-7BAFCE16E9A1_zps5woorocm.jpg

Tom bought me the Simple Human Sensor Mirror for our anniversary. I had mentioned it to him months ago and I guess he remembered. This mirror is not cheap at $200. I would definitely consider it a luxury item. It’s not something I would have splurged on if I hadn’t received it as a gift. But this mirror is SO nice! We’ve all seen a lighted magnifying mirror, but this is an LED, rechargeable, battery operated, portable mirror. Intrigued yet?

The LED light is by far the best mirror light I’ve seen. It’s almost as good as sunlight. And let’s face it, the mirror is beautiful. It’s heavy and solid. I love that I can pick it up and take it anywhere. The sensor is sleek and responsive. Audrey is so funny. Every time she see’s the mirror she says it makes her head big! The 8 inch mirror has 5x magnification. You can get more magnification if you down size in diameter. For me the 8 inch is perfect.

I’ve never seen another mirror like this anywhere. I hope technology improves so more companies can offer similar products at a better price point. I love everything about this mirror but the price. $200 is a lot to pay, but the 5 year warranty does sweeten the deal a bit. Although I hope I never have to use it. I can’t say anything about longevity since I’ve only owned this mirror for a week.

Do I recommend this? YES! If you can afford it then I say go for it. It’s hard not to be impressed with this mirror. It sure does look good on my vanity 🙂

 photo BF25D3C5-03C7-403C-883D-D20C07D423BC_zpsixnp5jwf.jpg

Compared to my battery operated Conair mirror $39.99

 photo 884B697E-769B-4B3D-8C51-CF30E8DC3BDD_zps3tvrigel.jpg


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