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Ending Summer With A Splash At The Schlitterbahn!

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Sunday we went to the New Braunfels Schlitterbahn! We’ve had some curiosity about the Schlitterbahn since our move to Texas. I am not a huge water park lover. I enjoy them, but when I think of a water park I see a slab of concrete with towers and slides. I think of endless lines and countless steps to get to the top of a 10 second slide. I used to feel like if you’ve been to one water park you’ve seen them all. I can tell you now that the Schlitterbahn is special. I haven’t been to any other locations yet but I hope to next summer.

The Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels was so cool! I expected just slides but instead I got amazing scenery, fun rapid filled rivers, great food, arcades, and amazing child areas. We started in the original park, Schlitterbahn West.  It is complicated to navigate and if you have handicap needs (ramps) or strollers, GOOD LUCK! I didn’t see any ramps and this park has a lot of levels. It is chiseled into the side of a hill so the terrain goes up and down all over. We brought a stroller that we ended up leaving at our picnic table. Watch our fun filled video of our day at the Schlitterbahn below!

I LOVE that they allow you to bring in your own food! That is a HUGE plus for me and any family. They even have ice for sale at the entry. They also have several food vendors in each park. We were able to try some pizza and it was delicious! They did a great job scattering picnic tables all over the park as well. We easily found one in a shady spot by the lockers. We did rent a locker for $10, but once you returned your key they gave you $2 back. Make sure you remember to bring some cash. There are several gift shops packed with all kinds of things. We bought Audrey some water shoes and some waterproof phone cases. Parking was scattered but plentiful and best of all FREE!

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The Schlitterbahn opened it’s first park in New Braunfels in 1979. The original park, Schlitterbahn West, is beautiful because you can tell it’s older. This also makes it a bit of a monster to navigate sometimes. Regardless it’s still an amazing time. It has everything you need and more. They have attractions for any age! Our 2 year old had several areas made just for her and plenty of space for older kids. We loved the rivers where you can ride your inner tube down through rapids. They offered life jackets and closed bottom inner tubes so Audrey was able to come with us. It was nice to be able to go on rides together instead of taking turns. There was plenty of excitement for us at Schlitterbahn West and we haven’t even talked about Schlitterbahn East yet.

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Schlitterbahn East is a short shuttle ride away. Shuttles were running regularly and it was easy to go between the parks. Schlitterbahn East is different than Schlitterbahn West, mainly in engineering. You can tell that it’s newer  because things were updated and the area was planned better. It’s a friendlier side for anything with wheels (strollers, wheel chairs). There are wider walk ways and less stairs to climb. There are definitely some stand out rides here like Boogie Bahn Surfing and we loved The Falls. The tubing rivers were wider with less ‘dead’ spots at Schlitterbahn East. They even made the AquaVeyer, which is basically an escalator for you and your inner tube. The Schlitterbahn has mastered the inner tube river and we loved it. It was like white water rafting and a lazy river all in one! We really enjoyed these types of rides because we’ve never seen any other water park with them. Any ride that the whole family can enjoy together is always a bonus in my book.

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Again both parks have unlimited amounts of entertainment for any age. Audrey was even able to ride down some of the larger slides with an adult. We spent a lot of time at the Kiddie Coast. I wish we had more time because 8 hours was not enough. The Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels is a multiple day place. I can see families spending 3-4 days enjoying everything. Guess what, you can! The Schlitterbahn has lodging at both sides. Click here to see everything they offer. I’d love to rent a Riverbend Cabin for a family vacation next year!

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  • Don’t forget sunblock! They sell some in the gift shop in case you need to buy some there.
  • Pack a cooler with wheels. We bought a cooler with sandwiches and snacks.
  • Waterproof phone cases
  • Waterproof cameras
  • Hats will give you some extra sun protection. Bring one your are comfortable getting wet!
  • Chap stick! Our lips were so chapped by the end of the day.
  • Water shoes NOT flip flops. We saw several stray flip flops through out the day.
  • Water bottles to stay hydrated while out in the sun.
  • Rent a locker to store your valuables

Enchanted Rock State Park

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Today we woke up thinking “Hey, we should totally exhaust ourselves”! We started the morning off by going to a cycling class. Probably the first class we’ve been to in almost a year! Tom and I enjoy them and if you are wondering, YES they are an amazing workout. I’ll write another post about cycling class some other time. Ulta is having their 21 days of beauty event and Saturday was $10 Butter London lip products. I decided to stop by after the class because new lipstick was my bribe to exercise. I ended up using 2000 Ulta points to buy $125 worth of products free! Have I mentioned how much I love getting points for purchases!? I’ll show you guys what I bought when I review these Butter London lip products.

We went home to eat lunch and decided that the day was too beautiful to stay inside. We’ve been wanting to visit the Enchanted Rock for a while now. It’s a state park here in Texas with the coolest rock formation. You can hike to the top and enjoy some amazing views. We decided to take Baron with us and I was worried about his poor paws on the sun baked rock. He actually did really well. There were several dips in the rock that collected rain water. Baron would lay down to rest in these pools on our way up. Tom carried Audrey in her hiking backpack and they made it up before all of us. By the time we got to the top the air had started to cool off a bit and the sun was less intense. Of course we picked the hottest part of the day to climb a big rock in Texas. We stayed at the top for a long time enjoying the views and taking pictures. The pools on the top were larger and Audrey and Baron had fun playing in them.

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Yes we got a double dose of exercise in Saturday and we felt great about it…………….until we decided to go to a Chinese buffet for dinner. Then we ate our calorie deficit into oblivion! We all know what it feels like to gorge yourself at a Chinese buffet. It’s not pretty. But regardless of how we went to bed that night, the enchanting beauty of Enchanted Rock was worth it. I do not like hiking but I enjoyed the trek up the Enchanted Rock. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly suggest you plan a trip!


  • Bring your pooch! Just make sure to go when the rock won’t be so hot.
  • Bring lots of water for you and your pet
  • Plan a picnic. There are tables at the base OR you can bring it to the top and enjoy it with wonderful views.
  • Wear hiking shoes. The climb is quite steep at times and can be slippery. I wore gym shoes and I could tell they were barely handling the job.
  • Make sure you have sun protection. SPF and a hat because you are completely exposed the entire time.
  • Buy a park pass if you plan on visiting often. This pass will work on ANY Texas State Park.
  • Don’t forget your camera!

Healthy Morning Habits

Every morning we usually do the same thing. This video shows you what I do in the first 10 minutes after I get out of bed. Haha this doesn’t include the days that I stay in bed watching Peppa Pig for an hour with Audrey (like today). But the majority of the time I get out of bed a few minutes after I wake up. Audrey is usually the one to wake me up in the morning, and she’s always butt naked! I know she watches everything I do so it’s very important to instill good routines. I want her to grow up with healthy habits that she will benefit from. Our children copy what they see us do!

When I get out of bed:

  • I open the curtains! It’s a little theatrical because I have a large bay window with floor length curtains. I should probably be singing a Disney song while I do it.
  • Fix the bed! I love love love a fixed bed. 5 years ago I could care less if the bed was fixed. A few years ago I purchased some throw pillows from Ikea and since then I’ve made the bed every day. Now that I’ve been doing it for a while it’s something I can’t skip or I wont feel awake. I’ll walk into the room and see my unmade bed and it will immediately zap my energy. So now I MAKE MY BED! Tom even makes the bed when I don’t.
  • Fill the oil diffuser. I love starting with a quick aromatherapy session. My favorite oils for the morning are grapefruit, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender. This is something I have started doing in the last 6 months. It’s really addictive and I crave it!
  •  Get the baby ready! Now it’s time for Audrey to get her hair brushed and dressed. Once she’s in order then mommy can do the same.



DIY Hair Towel

I filmed this DIY a long time ago, and I just had to post if for you guys. Do you ever have towels that you don’t really use anymore? Sometimes they are stained, too small, snagged, or just old. We had several of these towels and I decided to re-purpose them instead of toss them. I actually still have the hair towels I sewed in the video and I use them every time I shower. Even with this project you get scraps left over. I ended up sewing those scraps into rags or pot holders. I hope you like this DIY. It’s so simple and useful.