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Christmas 2015


I’m actually so annoyed right now. I had posted a Christmas post before we left for New Years but it obviously didn’t go up.

I’ll just have to re write everything for y’all. This Christmas was great. We had Tom’s family coming from out of state and it was our year with the kids. Everyone received a lot of great gifts this year.

The kids got a ton of things! They got a huge trampoline for the backyard from Grandma and Grandpa. We bought them each a tablet computer and nice clothes. They also got a cotton candy machine and some gift cards. I don’t even remember the rest, but there was more.

Tom and I agreed to not buy gifts for each other¬†this year – an agreement we never follow. I bought a Chanel Jumbo Flap that was pre loved. I found a good deal from a trusted seller on ebay a few months ago and decided to splurge. I had been eyeing a Jumbo in Caviar leather for a while now but I didn’t want to buy it new. Chanel has been so obnoxious and greedy with their price hikes. I think the Chanel Jumbo is $5,400 now! Obviously that is a HUGE investment. I prefer to buy my handbags from the boutique because I love the experience, but that wasn’t going to happen with the Jumbo. I can’t justify spending that much on a new handbag when I can buy a pre-loved one for much less. Ugh Chanel stop raising you prices its really ridiculous. The purse was already a big gift, but Tom also bought me a pasta maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid. Let’s not forget my Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots that I love so much. Tom does a good job spoiling me every year. I’m a lucky girl.

Tom was equally spoiled this year. His gifts were a big surprise since I’m better at keeping them secrets. He wanted a new computer so when we were at the mall he got a Surface Pro computer. After that purchase he was so excited and really didn’t expect anything else. But under that Christmas tree was 3 more gifts wrapped for him. The first was just a pair of tennis shoes. The second was an iwatch that he’s been wanting forever. And the third was a trip to celebrate New Years in New Orleans, baby free! I had been planning the trip to New Orleans for a while. I knew my cousins were going so I just hopped on the bandwagon. I asked my mom to watch Audrey as my Christmas gift. Tom’s been wanting to go on a baby free trip for a while so he was very excited about this gift.

It was a great week. We ate good food and enjoyed spending time with our family. We like hosting and wish we could do it more. I love cooking and it’s nice to have people who enjoy being fed! My waist line is feeling it now though haha. I hope you had a good Christmas too! Let me know how your Holiday went in the comment below.

Here is our vlog from Christmas Eve through Christmas day.