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Get Great Hair With Goody!

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When I was pregnant my husband and I thought long and hard about what our little creation would look like. We knew she would have dark straight hair, olive skin, and maybe hazel eyes. We were pretty confident in our combination so you can imagine the shock when our little blonde curly haired monster arrived! Never in a million years did we think we’d make a child with curly hair. She doesn’t just have curls. She has the tightest little springs on her head. We see lots of kids with “baby curls” but not many with curls as tight as Audrey’s.

Since both Tom and I have straight dark hair it has taken a long time to figure out how to deal with Audrey’s hair. We didn’t know how to tame it or what to brush it with. I would buy all kinds of products hoping to find something that worked for her. If I met someone with curly hair I would always ask them what types of products they used. After nearly 3 years of trial and error I think we may have mastered the curls. Some days are harder than others of course, but the fact that she doesn’t look like a ‘lost child’ anymore is a good sign.

For Audrey’s tight curls I like to use the Goody Ouchless Girls Oval Brush. To find a brush that will work best for you’re job click here. These types of brushes are wonderful for brushing out tough tangles without any tears. They are really effective and make brushing sessions go so much smoother. Even Tom can brush her hair with the right brush! There is of course a method to the brushing that we are going to share.

IMG_2108 IMG_2109s

Use a good brush, a spray bottle of water, and a detangling spray with silicone. Start by spraying down the hair with water. Make sure its really wet. We usually place a towel over her shoulders to keep her clothes from getting wet. Don’t start brushing at the scalp! Use your fingers to grab a small section and hold it really tightly. Don’t pull it, just keep a firm grip. This will make it less painful because you won’t be tugging directly at her scalp. Brush out slowly at the roots and continue brushing that area until it’s tangle free. Start moving upwards slowly. It’s a long process because I like to go slow. Audrey has a very tender scalp like me so I’m careful to avoid tugging at it. I like to get close to as tangle free as possible, but if she’s having a hard time I will cut the brushing session short. She only has to feel one good tug before she loses it! After that she’ll cry even if I’m not brushing it. Try to brush curly hair a little every day. You don’t have to brush everything out, just keep in manageable. After you brush it, use your hands to tousle the hair just a bit to help the curls separate a bit more.

IMG_2112s IMG_2120s IMG_2123s IMG_2025s

I have long straight hair. It’s really fine and tangles easily. My favorite brush is the Goody Straight Talk Boar Styler Brush. It adds shine and gently deals with my tangles. Since boar bristles help straighten and smooth I like to use this after styling my hair as well as before. To achieve this type of wavy look, start by curling your hair with a wand. I used a 1.5 inch barrel because I wanted a loose wave. After you’re finished, lightly brush your hair with the Goody Straight Talk Boar Styler Brush. That’s it! These waves last for days and never go out of style.

The third brush I bought is the Goody Detangle It Oval Cushion Brush. When I have lots of tangles this gets them out. The bristles are firm and really good with all types of hair. I like how quickly and easily it gets my tangles out.

I love the smooth seamless look you are left with whenever you use a brush with boar bristles. Goody has a huge selection of brushes that you can find at Walmart. I had so many options to choose from. There are brushes for all types of hair and all types of styles. Brushing our daughter’s curls used to be a pain. I dreaded brushing her hair because I knew it would be painful for her. I avoided brushing her hair, and that made tangles worse. Now with these brushes we are able to brush her hair everyday with hardly any pain. Priceless!

Are you interested in changing up your hairstyle? Click here for more Goody tutorials and head to Walmart to pick some up today!

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Venus vs. Intuition? The Women’s Razor Standoff

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I started shaving my legs when I was 13. My older sister Ally, took me to the store and bought me a fancy new Venus razor and some shaving cream. I was SO excited! This point in a girls life is the start of becoming a woman. I felt the transition and being able to shave my legs made it feel more official. I was so excited!

I was loyal to Venus because that’s what I started using during this exciting time in my life. It was also the newest razor on the market for women. Later the Intuition came out. They marketed themselves as a razor with a solid moisturizing bar to get a close shave without the razor burn. My younger sister got an Intuition and when I tried it I did not like it at all. The first design was not good. The moisturizing bar got in the way of the razor so you’d miss a lot during your shave. I was really disappointed and I never used one again.

Fast forward 12 or so years to now. When I go to the gym I like to shower and shave. My Venus razor doesn’t work well without shaving cream. I wanted to avoid adding yet another thing to my gym bag so I started brainstorming. I decided to give the intuition another try because all I needed was water to use it. I really loved the concept but I wasn’t sure if they had updated the design. I used it at the gym that afternoon and I was blown away. They fixed all the issues I had with the original Intuition. In the old one the razor was stuck in place, but with the new design the razor tilts and goes up and down. It was working so well I had to stop shaving to see if it was actually doing anything. It felt like I was just rubbing a bar of soap on my legs. I didn’t feel like I was shaving at all!


Cheaper than most Venus razors at $9.97
Close Shave
Razor moves to accommodate a close shave
Less bulky that original
Comes with lid
The only thing you need to shave
Comes with an extra shaving head
Comes with a holder for your shower


Feels a bit cheap


My favorite Venus razor is the Venus Snap. It is small and easy to hold. I can shave my legs faster with this little guy than any other razor. It does prevent razor burn with the moisturizing bars, but you still need to use some type of shaving medium. I love the case it’s cute and easy to place the razor in. It’s a lot more compact that the Intuition, but I’d still have to carry some type of shaving cream. I bought this razor on sale at Target and I have not seen it anywhere else. My Walmart used to sell it but not anymore. It’s annoying that I can’t find it in stores around me.


Easy to hold so I can shave quicker


Still need a shaving medium
Hard to find in stores
Moisturizing bars dry out and curl quickly

IMG_1923 IMG_1925

These are my two favorite razors but if I had to choose it would be the Intuition. They had a bad start and unfortunately for them it was bad enough to lose me as a customer for 12 years. But with their new design I think they hit the nail on the head for me. I love that it’s the only thing I need to get a good shave. I don’t have to worry about turning the shower off so my shaving cream doesn’t rinse away – heck I don’t even have to worry about shaving cream at all. I don’t have to pack as many items with me when I travel, and let’s face it girls that’s priceless.