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South Padre Island Summer 2016

We went to South Padre Island last week for 5 days. We rented a condo on Airbnb and it worked out great. We had two rooms and a kitchen for the same price as a single hotel room would have cost. It took us about 4 hours drive time to get there from San Antonio. We were really impressed with the island once we arrived. Walmart is only a drive across the bride so it was 8 minutes from us. Our condo had a CVS right next to it and a lot of stores and restaurants walking distance away. We visited the Sea Turtle Reserve one morning to learn about Sea Turtles in hopes that we would see a Sea Turtle release while we were on the island. Every morning you have to wake up at 5;45 am to check their Facebook page. The update would either say “yes there is a public release this morning” or “no”. We checked it every morning and finally on Friday there was a public release that we went to.


One of the evening we rented a golf cart to drive around the island in. They aren’t cheap, but they are everywhere. I called a few places that quoted me $90 for 2 hours on a 6 seater. The place closest to our condo was going to let us get one for $75 though. 2 hours was plenty of time to drive around the island and take pictures. I would have considered a longer rental but you aren’t allowed to take them on the beach. So you have to drive the golf cart any place a car can go. It would be really useful if you were allowed to pack your beach stuff and drive it right to your spot in the sand. Luckily our condo was only a 5 minute walk from the beach.


Watch our video and see the baby sea turtles get released. They were so cute! I am glad we got to see them. I really wanted to see them last year but we weren’t able to. I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised with how established a destination SPI was. The restaurants, the beach entertainment, the gift shops, everything screamed SUMMER! There were even banana boats on the beach and you could rent jet skis. We ate at Ceviche Ceviche, Dirty Al’s, and Cap’n Roy’s and all of them were delicious! Cap’n Roy’s has delicious fish and shrimp tacos. Dirty Al’s is famous for their seafood and I can see why. We ordered a ton of fried shrimp expecting them to be normal “restaurant” size, but when they came they were HUGE! We had loads of leftovers. Ceviche Ceviche was basically a ceviche paradise. It was a great vacation and I hope we can go back soon.


We Are Having Another Baby!

Watch our announcement video! Audrey was so cute and helpful explaining everything.

I am 15 weeks pregnant and still throwing up! I had to pull the car over yesterday to throw up. It’s been so rough this pregnany. I can’t believe how sick I have been lately. I am much worse than I ever was with Audrey. I felt a bit sick for a few weeks but by 11 weeks I was feeling better. With this baby I have been sick 7 weeks on. I am JUST starting to feel a little better now. Thank goodness!