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Lost Maples State Park

I have decided to start writing about all the camping spots we visit from now on. Back when we lived in Colorado it was hard to find a good campsite. I ended up finding a gem less than an hour from us through someones camping blog. I was so happy to discover this blog and now I can write about the camping we’ve done. I hope this helps other families decide where to camp like that blog helped us.

Last weekend for our anniversary we went camping at Lost Maples State Park. This park is about 2 hours outside of San Antonio. The drive is pretty because you go through hill country and see beautiful rivers and trees. The campground was not very large and it was a mix of tent and rv camping. There are RV hookups but no sewer. For tent campers there is one very clean bathroom with shower stalls. The campground is not as private as I would have liked because the lack of trees. Each spot has a nice shade built over the table and a fire pit with lamp post. The park has hikes ranging from 0.8mi to 5mi. It’s situated next to a tall canyon lined with maple trees. There are spots where you can swim in the crystal clear spring fed river.

The rangers drove through the campground several times a day to patrol. All the neighbors were quiet and respectful. There is no place to buy firewood at the park and collecting firewood is prohibited. There is a store a few miles up the road from the park that sells firewood for $5.99. The store also has gas and other necessities that could have been forgotten. It was a beautiful spot and I see why it gets booked up when the maple leaves start changing for fall. Would we come back? Yes we would come visit again, but probably won’t for a while. There are too many other campgrounds we need to try.
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First Day Of School!


Look at how cute my little princess is! Oh gosh she is so adorable in her school uniform. Audrey started part time pre-school this week. She is starting 2 days a week and then she’ll move up to 3 days. I am not the type of parent who feels comfortable sticking their toddler in pre-school AKA daycare full time. Our little ones are little for such a short time. We need to cherish the time and make it a priority to be with our little ones. Once they grow up that’s it! No second chances to hug them and squeeze their little legs. You’ll be missing their tiny hands and goofy toddler grins as they grow into young adults. Audrey is getting to a point in her development where she wants to spend time with kids her own age. Even though I have her involved in sports and activities, they were only an hour a week. That didn’t seem like enough time for her. Finding a bilingual pre-school for part time care was the perfect solution.

We knew that everything you learn in pre-school could be taught at home which is why we chose a bilingual school. A second language is the one thing that she wouldn’t get staying home since Tom and I only speak English. I really hope she picks up this second language quickly. Young minds are perfect for absorbing new languages. Who knows, maybe she’ll be able to teach us!

I did have the typical mommy excitement bringing her to her first day. The uniform was just so adorable. We took a bazillion pictures and I’ll probably take more tomorrow. ¬†These mommy milestones are just so good. Bittersweet on all levels.

Forgive my ghost white face! Flash photography does not work well with setting powder.

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