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Elliot Is 3 Months Old!

This little chunk is 3 months old today. This is one of my favorite ages because they are still so little but usually all smiles and giggles. So sweet! They are cute as newborns, but I’ll be honest it’s not my cup of tea. It takes me a few months to connect emotionally with my baby. I don’t instantly love them. No love at first sight for this momma. It’s a process and it’s the same with every person I meet. It takes time for me to bond with people and the same goes for these new little people in my life. I think 3 months is when you really see a glimpse of their cute little personalities. Newborns are cute but so boring. They sleep, poop, eat, and our favorite – cry.

This little guy isn’t so little compared to most 3 month olds but he’s soooooo sweet. His thigh, arm, and neck rolls add to his charm. He is such a flirt and definitely a Momma’s boy. With I talk to him he lights up faster than anyone. I have to say the journey between having a son and daughter has been different. Audrey is a daddy’s girl and she lit up for him so it’s nice having a boy who has eyes only for me. Please don’t grow up too quickly little boy! I’m already thinking about how I’m gonna deal with him having a girlfriend.


Our New Mexico Vacation To The Snow!

Hey guys. Recently we went to visit the snow in New Mexico. It’s basically the closest place to see it for us Texans. Tom had a conference in Albuquerque so we tacked on some extra days to go to Taos. Taos really isn’t too far from Albuquerque either. It was less than a 2 hour drive to get there. It’s boring and you wonder how there are mountain towns when you don’t see any real mountains. We are from Denver – those are real mountains. But then BAM it’s snowing and you see trees!

Taos is a really cute little town. The downtown part is what I imagine all New Mexico towns would look like. It’s walkable and all the buildings are Santa Fe style adobe. I really want to see it in the spring/ summer months. We stopped and had lunch at the Plaza. It was cold and snowing but we walked around some before hopping back in the car.

We didn’t stay in Taos. Our airbnb was up in Angel Fire. We decided to stay there vs Taos Ski Area because of the airbnb. They were cheaper at Angel Fire. If we were going to ski we probably would have stayed in TSA. Angel Fire is about 25 miles away from Taos. You drive on a two lane road and it takes about 45 min. It may have taken us a bit longer because it was snowing pretty heavy. We also got stuck behind some slower moving sedans. We could drive a bit faster in the snow having 4 wheel drive. The drive is beautiful!!!!! Very different from what we were used to in Colorado. Colorado ski areas are very developed so you don’t really feel like you are traveling through the woods to get there. Angel Fire is a very small ski area with all you need though. I was surprised to see so many locals that lived there year round. There are several restaurants, a gas station, and a grocery store. Of course the gas and groceries cost a lot more up there so I recommend loading up in Taos before driving up. Our airbnb was right by the ski area which looked very family friendly. It’s a small ski mountain but it’ll keep most skiers plenty busy. One thing I did miss was the Ski lodges that we have in Colorado. There was a lodge, but it was nothing more than a hotel lobby. We were there for 4 days and we barely saw any skiers. Maybe January isn’t a busy month. I prefer an empty mountain. Colorado has some world class ski resorts but with that comes huge crowds. On weekends the mountains are completely littered with people from all over the world. It’s stressful when you spend a lot of your day dodging other skiers. Also the lift ticket prices in CO are through the roof!

We played in the snow every day. Tom and Audrey took an afternoon to go tubing. They had a lot of fun doing that. Tubing prices were $20/hr which is pretty much the same in CO. In the evenings I would cook dinner and we’d watch a movie by the fireplace. You know, typical family snow vacation type stuff.

4 days was definitely enough time for us. By the end of it we were so ready to go back to our beautiful Texas weather. Maybe if our airbnb was more comfortable we would have stayed longer. The condo was nice with everything we needed but the heater did not work well. The worst thing about being cold is staying cold when you are inside trying to warm up. When Elliot is older we may come back to ski or try Taos Ski Area. I can’t say we would choose New Mexico skiing over Colorado but that’s because we are more familiar in CO. But since we didn’t ski on this trip it didn’t really matter. We just wanted to take the kiddos to freeze their butts off in the snow.


Chanel Wallet Unboxing!

Hey guys! I recently bought 2 Chanel wallets that I have been eyeing for a while. Both wallets are $475 and they were shipped to me free. So far I’ve only used the card case and I’m loving it. They are quite similar, but also different enough to need both. I’m a Caviar leather lover so I would not buy these in any other leather. Caviar is a tough leather and it’s just what I need when I’m out and about with my babies.

YES they are expensive, but honestly you get what you pay for. I have Chanel bags that are 30+ years old! I can’t say the same from any handbag I’ve bought from Target. The zippers are nice quality, but not as nice as Louis Vuitton. LV has some really heavy duty zippers that are great! However I feel like LV are not made quite as well as a Chanel piece. Of course this could be different from piece to piece. I still love LV but Chanel is definitely my brand of choice.

Here are some comparison pics for you guys. Also there is my unboxing video down at the bottom if you would like to see them in action.