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Lockhart State Park!

This weekend we went camping at Lockhart state park. This park is unique because it has a golf course and a swimming pool. The pool was drained still when we arrived but the golf course is in use head round. It’s a pretty small campground right outside of the town of Lockhart. Which is good and bad. Good if you forget something and you need to run out and buy it but bad if you really want to be in a secluded area. However once you are in the camp you don’t know how close to town you actually are. It’s very wooded with tall trees. There is a river running through the camp where you can fish. We gave it a shot but didn’t expect to catch anything. Fish are smarter than I’d like so they pretty much have that river figured out when it comes to fishing spots for humans.

From what I could tell, all the camp sites had hook ups. The only difference was some had sewer and others only had water and electric. All of the sewer sites are back in. There is a small grass circle and all the spots are there in the open. The sites with just water and electric had trees and were by the river. I think next time we will just camp there with water and electric to have the privacy. The trees were bare but in the spring and summer this camp will be beautiful and lush. The office sells firewood for about $5/bundle. I still hate that Texas state parks don’t let you collect wood off the ground. Seems like s fire hazard to us. But who knows. Maybe they just bank those pretty pennies from selling firewood and that’s how they keep the parks well maintained. The parks here definitely have more perks than the parks back in Colorado. They are a little more ‘resort’ like.

Lockhart was nice. I wish they had more to offer fishing wise. The kids were adamant about NOT walking the trails so I can’t talk about those. They played at the playground though so that gets a thumbs up. We will probably return in the future. One park down dozens more to go!