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Grand Teton National Park

Hey Guys! It’s been a minute but I promise I have a great excuse. We went on a 3 week camping trip to 2 of the coolest National parks on earth! And let’s not forget about the 1 very cool Texas State Park we stayed at on the drive back home. To start we drove to The Grand Teton National Park.

I have to admit, this park always takes my breathe away. This is the second time we’ve gone, but the first time that Audrey and Elliot have been there. We towed our lovely camper through 4 states to get there and it was quite the trek. Especially when you have a baby like Elliot who isn’t too fond of the car seat. We didn’t plan for that to be honest. To get reservations to these amazing national parks we had to book a year in advance. This means I was still very pregnant when we were booking the spots and we had no idea what kind of baby Elliot would be. We figured that since Audrey was a little terror in the car, there was no way we would be that unlucky again……. HA – HA – HA WRONG! When Elliot had his first car ride we literally held our breath to see how it was going to go. He slept the first 10 minutes and just as we were starting to let out a sigh of relief he started wailing. He is much better in the car than Audrey was though. I would avoid going to the grocery store with Audrey because the 5 minute drive was just THAT bad with her. By the time we drove to the Tetons Elliot was 6 months so he was starting to get better. Unlike Audrey, he actually sleeps in the carseat when he is tired. She would scream and scream and scream for hours. Since we knew he would nap we planned the drive so that we would stop while he was awake and drive during nap times. We even got to Denver a day early because he decided to take a 4 hour nap one leg! Having the camper to hang out in was so nice. We could stop anywhere and relax. Eat in our camper before getting back on the road, nap. It took us 4 days to drive from Texas to the Tetons and it really went a lot smoother than I thought it would.

I loved driving through Wyoming! It’s such a scenic state on the way to the Tetons. There are so many cute towns and lots of different landscapes. But nothing compares to when you arrive and start to see these beautiful peaks reaching sky high! We camped at Colter Bay in the full hookup RV sites. I’ll formally review this campsite on my blog. Our spot was as close to the lake as you could get. We tried to take a short hike one day and that did not go over well with the 3 4 year olds. There was non stop complaining and itching. Audrey was adamant that “she’s allergic to hiking”. After that we were very careful to call them “walks” instead of hikes. We spent 3 nights in the Tetons and they were filled with so much beauty and fun! The best night we had a campfire during sunset on the beach. We had an awesome group too! My mom and sister came with their kids. Tom’s parents and brother came, then we had all the kids with us. That’s part of why it was such an awesome vacation. Usually we do things with Tom’s family then my family, but we’ve never gone on one big vacation together. The last evening together it poured like cats and dogs! We were able to hang out in the camper – yes all 15 of us, until the rain stopped. Makayla turned the big 15 at the Tetons too so we made sure to cook some pineapple upside down cake in the dutch oven.

It was an awesome start to our huge family vacation! What more can I say? I wish I could bring all of you there to see the beauty of the Tetons! It’s my favorite National Park so far. Since I can do them no justice by describing them, hopefully these pictures will give you a glimpse of just how magnificent they are.