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DIY Lamp Remodel!

When Tom is on hospital service my DIY bug seems to come out. We take up most of each other’s free time so when he’s working 16 hour days I have some extra time for projects. I’ve been wanting to paint this lamp in Audrey’s room for a while now. Paint is a wonderful tool for any DIYer! It’s the easiest way to freshen up so many things.

I used 3 colors that I bought from Walmart. Rust-oleum ivory, Krylon gloss blue ocean breeze, and Rust-oleum Candy Pink.

I started by painting the stem of the lamp pink. It was really simple and unfortunately the pictures did not turn out well. I sprayed it 3 times to get good coverage in all the nooks. I started painting the shade by first painting the whole thing ivory. It took another 3 coats. My lamp shade is linen so it has texture that looks weird once it’s painted. But it’s not really noticeable once the lamp is all put together. I just had to work with what I had! I still like the way it turned out. I taped the lamp vertically with the masking tape. I didn’t measure. I probably should have, but I was too lazy. Once it was painted it looked great so wohoo me haha. Once the tape was on, I sprayed it with the blue color.

After an hour I took the tape off and got to see my masterpiece! The textured lamp looks really bad in this lighting, but I promise it doesn’t look this bad in person. This DIY is so easy and simple. I didn’t even prime or sand! Which is probably the worst part of painting furniture. Sanding is so tedious ugh. Audrey is very happy with her new lamp.

Here is the finished product on her night stand. It looks SO good. Are you interested in learning how I re-did those 2 baskets on the bottom? Well stayed tuned. I have another tutorial coming up about those.


Simple Pico De Gallo Recipe

Do you love Pico? I LOVE Pico! But I love a very basic Pico De Gallo Recipe that is super easy but full of flavor. I have a confession and I know it’s going to make you cringe. I don’t add lemon juice to my Pico because I don’t like the taste of lemons or limes. The only seasoning I add to my pico is salt. This may be bland for some of you, but others like myself will greatly appreciate this very simple recipe.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Cilantro – 1 bunch
  • Roma tomatoes – 2
  • White onion – 1/2
  • Garlic clove – 2
  • Salt – to taste

Chop up all your ingredients. I’ve tried using my food processor but it just doesn’t come out the same. The chopped onions and tomatoes can’t be replicated with the processor – well at least not with mine. Then just add it to a bowl and mix together. You can add salt to taste and any other seasonings you like now. If you like lemon juice or lime feel free to add it now. Once you have the desired taste cover the pico and place the bowl in the fridge. Wait at least 3 hours to let the flavors mix. Pico De Gallo always tastes SO much better the next day so if you have time, make this ahead of time.

I love pico on everything. It’s essentially a low calorie, healthy condiment. When you consider that some Ketchup has 30 calories per TBSP and Ranch triple that, pico starts looking pretty darn good on everything. Plus it isn’t processed like most of the condiments which is always a plus. I prepared this pico today because I plan on making some chicken quesadillas for dinner. It’s delicious if you put it in the quesadilla before cooking. Whatever your taste is, there is a pico for you! Since I’ve been trying to lose the last 10lbs of baby weight I am constantly making Pico De Gallo. It’s helped me introduce more veggies into my diet and I like to snack on 1 serving of tortilla chips with pico when I get the urge to munch.

There are approx. 35 calories in a large Roma tomato, 30 calories in half a white onion, and 23 calories in a bunch of cilantro. A garlic clove has a barely there 4 calories. Altogether this one bowl of prepared pico is 131 calories!



What I Think About Living In Texas

We are heading to a close of our 3rd year here in Texas. And let me tell you, it’s been full of unexpected surprises. We moved to San Antonio Texas from Denver Colorado. Well not really Denver…..more like the boring, dry suburb of Parker. Parker Colorado is South of Denver a little ways. It’s out of the city enough that families can buy nice large homes for much less than in the city. I moved out to Parker from the DTC area when I met Tom, and I hated it. It was too far from everything we loved about Denver. It was further from the mountains and further from the downtown area. It was extremely suburban – too much for me. I dreaded the drive up to the mountains because living in Parker added at least 40 minutes to the drive. Getting to downtown was a stressful 45 minute drive with no traffic. When we decided to leave I was sad to leave Colorado but thrilled to leave Parker. I had been wanting to move out of there for a long time. We honestly thought our move would be temporary though. We thought we would feel out San Antonio for a year and then see what was available in Denver job wise. We expected San Antonio to be a desert town with tumbleweeds and cows. Boy were we wrong!

We were pleasantly surprised to find a green, wooded neighborhood with cute brick homes to rent a home in. That was the beginning of our love for San Antonio. We were forced into this rental home because of our dog. Most of the places we applied to denied us because of our big mean killing machine Rottweiler Baron – I say this in the most sarcastic tone possible. So we found a house that was a little run down and on the market for a long time. After all beggars can’t be choosers. After being denied by everyone we were desperate. Our only requirement for the house was that it have a fence for Baron and a roof. Our rental home turned out to be in an area of town that we never considered living but we LOVE! It is suburban enough to have all the things for families, but central enough that we don’t cringe at the thought of going downtown. We ended up buying our home 5 minutes from our rental house.

The first thing we loved about San Antonio was the green! Compared to Parker, San Antonio is a rain-forest. Parker had maybe 5 mature trees in the whole city. There are parts of San Antonio that are not very lush, but the area we live in is very green. We liked the twisting mysterious looking oak trees all around the city. They look like something out of a Tim Burton movie. I can actually grow a killer garden here! Every summer we would plant a garden in CO and every year the cold would come and kill it. Plus it took way more effort keeping your plants alive there than it does in SA. The plants just love the humidity and so do we. CO is a very arid place. The air is so dry. It was a constant battle to keep my skin and lips moisturized there. We had to put a humidifier in every room even though our home had a central unit. Humidifiers are in every hotel room there, especially in the mountains. Whenever we go back I dread the dry air. SA has a nice level of humidity. It’s much less than other areas of TX, but just enough to feel nice. There are pros and cons to each city though. I miss the mountains in Colorado. There are NO mountains in Texas. In CO the mountains are where people head for the outdoors. Here in TX there are plenty of lakes and rivers to choose from, even an ocean. What we lack in elevation we make up in H2O. I only miss winter around the Holidays. I couldn’t stand the long stretches of cold weather, and CO is mild compared to other states. I wish I could merge Colorado and TX together. It would be the PERFECT state!

We knew we’d love living in Colorado but we did not expect to love Texas also. It was a pleasant surprise. Maybe one day we’ll be able to have a place in CO and TX! A girl can dream can’t she?!



Rodan and Fields Lash Boost IS BACK!

GUESS WHAT GUYS IT’S BACK! Lash Boost has taken the lash world by storm these last 10 months. It’s an amazing product and our loyal users know that. You guys know I’ve been a lash addict for years. I’ve tried numerous serums, most recently NueLash that I THOUGHT was good. Now in comparison to Lash Boost it was nothing! I love LOVE LOVE my Lash Boost! I have never used a Serum that has given me both length and thickness. My lashes have never looked better. I also got extensions for years and years but I got tired of the expense, time, and maintenance. I hated the way they looked and felt. My lids always felt heavier than they should be and I could never clean my eye area very well. If you’ve had extensions you know what I’m talking about. Even with the Mink extensions I had to fill them constantly and be careful when washing my face. It was like I had to choose between makeup or lashes because I couldn’t wear both.

The results down below are my own. I started seeing MAJOR results by 5 weeks. Now 12 weeks out my lashes are longer and much thicker. I am so happy. I’ve already gotten a bunch of new clients because they have seen my results.

If you are interested please send me an email – Ask about any discounts or new promotions I’m running for my business. I run promotions regularly for new and current PC customers so ask me about them!