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RV Hacks

Hey guys! I need to start sharing out camper hacks more because I find them so helpful myself. I love love love love our camper! We have a hybrid which means it has hard walls with pop out tent beds. We started with a smaller one – 186RD which we quickly outgrew. Now we have the largest one Starcraft has to offer. The Starcraft Travel Star 236TBS has 3 pop out queen beds. If you are interested in a tour I’ll leave the video down below.

Let’s start with how I bathe the bebe boy in the camper. Our first 186RD had a tiny bathtub in it which was a HUGE selling point for us since we are a family with young children. Young kids tend to get very VERY messy on camping trips so a bathtub is a great luxury. Unfortunately the larger hybrids did not offer a bathtub so I had to find another way to wash the kids. Audrey is old enough to shower now, but Elliot still needs a bath. Since this is for an RV it needed to be light and compact. I found this Summer Infant bath for our shower floor. It has an inflatable bottom and it folds in half after use. The sides also pin up so you can lay very young babies in it. We’ve been washing Elliot in it on camping trips since he was 2 months old. Now that he can sit up on his own I just fill it up and plop him in there with some things to play with.

Command hooks are your best friend if you are an RV’er! Funny enough, I never liked Command Hooks until we bought our first camper. I never saw the point because I would just nail things into the walls at home. I really had no use for taped on wall hooks. But let me tell you, I use them non stop in my RV! Any time I need to fix or organize something I always reach for these babies. These ones are my favorite all purpose size. I just used some mini CH to hand a sheet between the front and back section of the RV. I was going to use a tension rod, but realized that I’d have to set it up and take it down each time. Now I just hand the sheet on the two hooks and it works great!

Another annoying part about being in an RV is that there are NO paper towel holders – at least in ours. So I bought this plastic holder for $0.98 and it works great! It’s light and simple and it works just fine.

Now here is a hack that I ADORE! I hope you will too. It was a bit tricky to get up but in the end so worth it. I love my knives, mostly cleavers obviously. I don’t have expensive knives but I keep them sharpened so they work just as well in my opinion. Maybe one day I’ll drop some cash on an expensive knife, but for now especially in the camper these work great. I bought this magnetic knife holder for our kitchen before we moved. Since then it has had no place until now! One of the hardest things about adding things to an RV are the walls. They are filled with wires and important structures that keep the RV going. You need to be careful if you ever puncture or screw something into the walls. A magnetic knife holder is constantly pulled from the wall so you must make sure it’s stuck on there good. I used pop rivets to get this baby up and it worked perfectly!

The last hack I have for you are these shelf dividers and shelf baskets. RV’s have the weirdest dimensions like super deep cabinets that are so deep you can’t reach to the back. We have those! Once I put food in, there was so much wasted space since the cabinets were so tall. I put these dividers in them so I could have more space to store food. Make sure you measure your cabinets and buy the ones that will fit properly. We also had these shelves at the top of our RV that were difficult to work with. I bough simple plastic baskets that fit up there and that stopped things from falling down during the commute. I also use the baskets in the cabinet so I can easily get to things in the back.


DIY Basket Painting and Dying

A while ago I posted a DIY project I did painting a lamp for Audrey’s room. At the same time I re decorated these two wired baskets at the bottom of her night table. They were black and cream and they just didn’t go with the rest of her room. The baskets were originally from Walmart. They are from the Better Homes and Gardens line which I love. They have so many cute items at affordable prices.

Here are how they looked before I started. The linen basket liner just buttons on so it’s easy to remove. I used my favorite gold spray paint for this project. I’ve tried so many gold spray paint brands, but this one seems to be the best in terms of color. It’s the Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold spray paint.

After I painted the baskets I started working on dying the basket liner. I love Rit liquid dye. Most Wal-Marts have them in the laundry section of the store. They also have the boxed version which is cheaper, but I find that the liquid lowers the chance of random spotting. I dyed the liners in my laundry room sink. I used to dye in my top loading washing machine all the time. That would be the ideal situation, but I have a front loader now. So the sink was the second best option. Be careful when using this stuff because it is a DYE! Wear gloves to protect your skin if you need to. Other than that just follow the instructions on the back of the bottle.

I spray painted the baskets 3 times and I only used half a bottle of the Rit dye for my project. After you are done dying the fabric you need to run it through a wash cycle. After its rinsed I take it out to air dry. I didn’t need to prime or sand the wired baskets before spray painting and they came out perfect. Make sure you are spraying light coats to avoid drips. Here is the finished night stand below. Do you like it? I also painted the lamp to match.


Fall Wish List

Ok guys I am really bad with wish lists. There are always things I have my eye on but I never remember to assemble them in a cute collage for you. I’m sure there is more out there, but right now this is all I can remember. I’ll continue to update it throughout the season. I’m loving the crushed velvet flat trend. These are by Rebecca Minkoff. It’s so low maintenance and as a busy mom, that’s what I live for. On my list again is the Chanel Rectangular Mini Flap in Caviar leather with GHW. I thought I was getting this bag this last summer, but when my SA called I learned that the one he had was SHW. I am not into silver hardware. It just looks cheap to me. That may change in the future though because metal colors change with the trends.

The jewelry isn’t anything too new. I’m always wanting a Michele watch. They constantly have great designs and I love the interchangeable straps. This gold diamond one is to die for! Next is a pair of diamond yellow gold hoops. I love yellow gold. I had my e-ring set in a yellow gold setting this year for my anniversary. I would like to find hoops that are 1.25 in. diameter. That’s a good everyday size.

There are 2 hair items on my wish list. I really want the T3 curling wands. I don’t know if they will live up to the hype, but I’d like to give it a try. If I can have one tool to do the job of three, that’s a win. I have what they call “virgin” hair. Which means it’s never been colored or dyed. But I am getting the urge to change it up. After having a baby it really takes a long time to feel like myself again. It’s crazy! Your body gets abducted and you don’t get it back, at least I didn’t. I’m still struggling to lose the last 10lbs of baby weight. So updating my hair will be a welcomed change right now for me.


My New Balayage!

Hellooooo world! I just decided to freshen up my look for Fall. I have what they lovingly call “virgin hair”. It means that my hair has not been dyed. Basically it’s pure as snow haha. I have dyed my hair once or twice in the past but it’s more than grown out since then. The last time I colored my hair was after Audrey was born. I had my sister put in some low lights. Now after Elliot I’m getting the bug again. I think I get so impatient to get my body back that I just think up new ways to change. I do get frustrated that it takes me so long to get my body back postpartum. I see women that pop their babies out and are back into their skinny jeans 1 month postpartum. I hate them……not really but I am severely jealous. If any of you have ever struggled to get your pre-baby body back you know what I’m talking about. While I’m working to get my body back I like to play with the parts of me that I CAN control. Hair and makeup basically. I love The Sweetest Thing Blog and her hair was my inspiration basically. However I did not go as light with my balayage. I put in some blonde and mostly caramel color in. I figured that I could always go lighter later.

Here is my before hair. I also got it cut at the same visit because I was in desperate need of a trim!

Here are my after photos! You can see the chunks of caramel brushed in. I love how the Balayage looks. Balayage is the technique they use to get this look. They brush the dye onto the hair a certain way. I’m happy with it. I want to keep the caramel for a bit to see how I like it. Maybe I’ll consider going lighter later but right now I’m enjoying my new style.