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Pink Blush Maternity Haul + Give Away!

Pink Blush Maternity is an online store that has more than just maternity clothes. They have the prettiest dresses people! I love them. I actually found PBM when I was shopping for things to wear on my maternity shoot. I ordered a few things and I fell in love. My dresses still fit me because they are made with a great stretchy material. I could also breastfeed really easily in the dresses I bought. They have a lot of things that are breastfeeding friendly too.

Another thing they have are really cute robes! I have a few from them and have bought them as gifts. The robes are so cute….I’m actually wearing mine as I write this post! I live in them. Here’s a tip – GIVE THEM AS GIFTS! I’ve gifted these robes and the receivers LOVED them! I mean come on, who wouldn’t? They are so cute and unique and it’s something that people tend to avoid spending money on.

I am giving away a $75 gift card to Pink Blush Maternity! Visit my YouTube Video Give Away to find out how to enter!

PLUS I have a 40% off coupon code for the website! It is “CYBERMONDAY”.

Cute right? Comfy too which is probably the most important thing. I hope you guys had an amazing Thanksgiving. I’m so excited for this give away. Don’t forget to enter!!! Also if you are impatient like me and just want to shop don’t forget you can use the code “CYBERMONDAY” and get 40% off. Happy shopping everyone and good luck to my give away entries.


Rainy Days! #OOTD

Outfit Details

Dress is Derek Heart from Walmart and it’s on clearance for less than $10! The fabric is very very soft and it’s very comfortable. I have to admit that I have been buying a lot of my clothes from because I’m still in the weight loss process. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothing when my sizes keep changing every month. Plus I love pairing really nice accessories with inexpensive clothing items! 

You guys are going to be sick of seeing these boots, but I LOVE them! They are the Stuart Weitzman Tieland boots, and they have them at Nordstrom now! When they first came out they were only at SW online. My herringbone tights I bought at Burlingtons for $5.99 (2-pack!). 

My handbag is the wonderful Gucci Disco bag. This bag is a great crossbody. It was actually the one that got away for me. I got one in gold and then I sold it because I wanted something else. Well for over a year I missed that bag and I wished I never sold my first one. I finally caved and bought it again. It’s the perfect size for a cross body, not too big and not too small. I have a lot of other crossbody bags but they don’t fit very much. The Disco bag fits a lot! Plus the leather strap is very comfortable to wear. 

Watch is the Urban by Michele. I have an orange/red band on it right now. I love that they sell the coolest interchangeable bands with Michele watches. My earrings are just my diamond studs. I always recommend buying the Nordstrom CZ studs! They are the best alternatives.

 We took these pictures underneath the parking shade in the doctors parking lot. I drove to the hospital to give Tom his laptop and meet him for lunch. The rain didn’t let up so we got stuck taking the pictures in the ugly parking lot haha. Unfortunately he didn’t get to come home with me after lunch, but at least we got an hour together in the middle of the day! I’m loving pairing quality accessories with a cheaper outfit right now. Of course I’d much rather fit into my closet full of clothes (pre-baby)!!! Ugh the last 10 lbs of baby weight is being extra stubborn. It’s been a month and a half since I stopped breastfeeding so I know it’ll just take a little bit more time. There are 2 types of breastfeeding mommas. Those who get the fat sucked out of them and those who hoard the weight until BF is complete. Even with Audrey I had an extra 5 lbs hanging around until I was done BF her. With Elliot it’s 10 lbs, but I’ve been a lot nicer to my body this time around. I still feel self conscious though. The progress is slow but it’s there. Skinny jeans here I come! (hopefully soon)


Christmas Wish List

Here are some things I have my eye on. Some of them were on my last wish list post like the diamond hoops and Michele Serein diamond watch. But there are a few new items on my list now and I am only going to get ONE for Christmas. We all have a budget y’all and unfortunately mine doesn’t allow me to go on massive luxury shopping sprees multiple times a year……I wish.

Let’s start with the jewelry! I’ve wanted a pair of diamond hoops for YEARS. The issue is that I’m more willing to splurge on a handbag than a piece of jewelry. I’ve never been big in to jewelry. I actually wish I had a better collection, but I just feel like a few nice pieces that I can wear to death is all I need. That doesn’t stop me from window shopping though. I love this Michele watch! I’ve been eyeing it for a bit now too. I keep seeing it on The Sweetest Thing Blog and I love it. She has some really really nice pieces. The Michele Serein watch is great though because it’s traditional but unique. I would definitely want it in gold or the dual tone.

The clothing items I’m in love with are some good pieces that will last years and years. I already have a pair of Stuart Weitzman Tieland boots in black and I love them so much I want another pair. They are gorgeous boots. For those of you who love the SW Highland but aren’t comfortable in a high heel the Tielands are for you! They are amazing boots! I have a pair in black and now I want a pair in Topo Suede.

Now for the Hermes eye candy. I love the Hermes belt but that is something I’ll splurge on once I lose all the baby weight. It’ll be some motivation for me. Losing weight healthy is a marathon not a sprint. Especially when it’s after the birth of your second baby! But something I would be willing to splurge on is a the Hermes Evelyne. I honestly can’t decide if the Evelyne is the best design of all time or the worst. It’s literally a sack of leather. So so so SO  simple but yet so useful. Its an easy bag to carry and that really draws me in. I would want a PM in Clemence leather. I would love it in blue. I was thinking about getting one in Hermes Orange, but I love the way Clemence looks in blue. I’m still on the fence on the Evelyne though. It’s a lot of money for a leather sack. The belt is gonna happen though. As soon as I get my butt back into my skinny jeans haha.

Last but certainly not least is a fragrance I’ve been eyeing for a while. I’m not one to spend hundreds on a fragrance but my friend Nadia is slowly starting to convince me that some perfumes are worth the splurge. It’s very hard for me to find a rose scent that I like. I got a sample of the AERIN Beauty Rose de Grasse Parfum and I’ve been so impressed. I’m definitely putting this on my gift list.

What do you guys have your eyes on for Christmas?



Sweater Weather! #OOTD

Outfit Details
Please forgive all the extension cords in the background! It’s decorating season!!!!!

Sweater is an older one from a couple of seasons ago. It’s a chunky V-neck knit. I found a similar one here. Another cute style that’s less expensive.

The boots are Stuart Weitzman Tieland. I’ve only ever seen them AT Stuart Weitzman. They were my surprise push present from Tom after I had Elliot. 

My pants are the first leggings that have truly blown me away! I love them! I ordered 2 pairs at the Nordstrom anniversary sale and I’m glad I did. They are as good as all the reviews claimed. Zella Live-In Leggings

As for jewelry, it was pretty simple. I just wore my diamond studs I received for Christmas a few years ago. But before I got them I wore my Nordstrom CZ studs a ton! They are the best CZ studs around. These are in martini settings like my real ones. I love the martini setting because it really shows of the stone an doesn’t overwhelm my small ear lobes. 

I really wasn’t planning this outfit post which is why it’s super low key. I am very low key most days actually. Simple style is really my calling since I have 2 little ones. I think comfort is key for my lifestyle which is why I LOVE my Stuart Weitzman Tieland boots. They are in between the super popular Highland and Lowland boots. I have the lowlands too and I love them. I wanted something with a heel though and the highlands were just too high for me. I found the Tielands and I fell in love, but they were only for sale at Stuart Weitzman. I was not expecting to buy them but after I had Elliot, Tom surprised me with a very large blue box! I’m very happy with them. They are the perfect heel height because I can dress them up and wear them casually. Just adding the boots to this sweater and leggings made the whole outfit come together. There are many dupes out there now! I must admit that you definitely get what you pay for with the Stuart Weitzman boots. They are the most expensive shoes in my closet, but I definitely see their superior quality. Especially after wearing them so often!

Let’s hope this cool weather lasts because I love wearing boots! What are you’re favorite cool weather items?