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Instant Ice Cream + Family Experience at Sub Zero

Today we went to Sub Zero. It’s an ice cream shop here in Texas. It’s very unique because they make the ice cream right in front of you! They don’t mix the ice cream, they MAKE it! Do you see that bowl of cream, nuts, and graham crackers? That’s my ice cream. They put all your chosen “Mix-Ins” in the bowl with your flavor of cream and then blast it with liquid nitrogen. It’s quite the show! Kids LOVE it because they can pick what they want and then watch it being made. The cherry on top is when they blast it with the nitrogen. It’s so cool! There is smoke everywhere and you can stand right in front of it. The theme of this place is that they’ve mixed yummy ice cream with science. Every time you come in it’s like a science experiment. You pick your flavors, create your mixture, and then change it with science.

Audrey and Elliot’s cute little outfits
Audrey’s Shirt – Similar here | Audrey’s Lace Shorts – Here | Audrey’s Shoes – We LOVE Natives from Nordstrom and other option here| Elliot’s Bear Onesie – Target On Clearance | Elliot’s Cotton Pants – We love these 2 packs at Nordstrom | Elliot’s Leather Moccasin – HERE we Love them

My outfit post will be up this week so stay tuned! I hope you enjoyed seeing our little adventure today.



Valentines Day Looks

Valentines Day Look 1
Bandage Dress – HERE and it’s less than $50! | Furry Coat – here | Earrings – These tassle earrings are so in! These can be found here | Heels – These are in my cart! | Handbag – Gucci Marmont Medium in porcelain rose

I created some inspiration looks for ya’ll since Valentines Day is on it’s way! We usually, sometimes, occasionally do something on V day. It depends on how much we like each other and how difficult our babies are being. Oh yeah, and if we are all healthy. Valentines Day seems to fall right in the middle of flu and cold season. BUT when the stars align it gives us a day where we can dress up and go out and enjoy some time together. When kids are in the mix it’s really hard to make those stars align though haha! This year I’ve been loving light pinks and gold colors for V day.

All of the items in the picture are found at Nordstrom.  This CUTE bandage dress is less than $50 and it looks just like an Herve Leger. Bandage dresses are great for sucking in things that may stick out too far. You better believe I’m all for that benefit! I’m definitely getting these Sam Edelman Yaro heels. Sam Edelman does a great job of releasing current styles that are great quality. The price point for these shoes are always very affordable too!  I’ve started to see more and more tassel earrings coming out. It’s a trend, but it may be one that I like. Another piece that ‘may’ be trendy is the Gucci Marmont bag. Gucci has really stepped up their game in the last 3-4 years. They have completely re-hauled their outdated lines and now I see them ALL over the place. I see bloggers carrying the Marmont bags everywhere and I’m trying to decide how I feel about them. I think I like them, but I’m not sure how long they will be around. They are quite expensive, but they are cheaper than a Chanel classic flap. We’ll see how long I can hold out before I jump on board.

Valentines Day Look 2
Jumpsuit – 
Nordstrom | Shoes – Vince Camuto Devin | Earrings – Nordstrom | Handbag – Mini Dionysus GG Supreme Shoulder Bag

This is the second look I put together. I am so late to get on this bandwagon – the jumpsuit. It’s been back now for a while but I just have not joined in. I think it’s because when I was younger I watched my mom buy jumpsuits at the mall to wear to the club. That just left a dent in my brain that jumpsuits belong to my mom lol! These jumpsuits at Nordstrom are the first that I’ve really fallen for though. They come in several necklines so anyone can wear them. Of course the biggest annoyance with jumpsuits is whenever you have to pee!  I like the look of these with pants because even if you are shorter you can wear heels and give the illusion that your legs are long. A nice strappy heel like these Vince Camuto ones should do the trick! Plus they come in a bunch of different colors. I kept it simple with statement drop earring and a trendy bag. This is another Gucci bag that I’ve been on and off with. It is definitely a trendy bag, but it’s so unique. I love seeing it in outfit posts. I looked at them at a Gucci boutique and they are very well made, nice structured bags. They come in all different color combos and I really like seeing the ones with embroidery. I’d probably buy the Marmont before I buy the Dionysus though since I’m not a huge fan of the Gucci monogram. Stay tuned! I may have a handbag purchase coming up.

What are your plans for Valentines Day? Any tradition you continue with your special person? Valentines Day is on a Wednesday this year so I’m gonna be honest with you, we’ll probably just binge eat and Netflix after the kids go to bed hahaha. I do already have a gift for Tom though! I hope he doesn’t read this because then he’s gonna get anxiety thinking he needs to get me a gift too. I already know what I want though *hint *hint. I need a new Louis Vuitton Monogram Cles. I think somebody swiped mine a while ago. I’ve been looking for it for months. That’s so crappy that someone would just steal it, but unfortunately it’s the world we live in.


AMAZING Ruffled Sweater for Less Than $10 + Stuart Weitzman OTK Boots OOTD

Sweater –
Bought from | Ruffled Skirt – Forever 21, similar here and here | Boots – Stuart Weitzman Tieland | Purse – Chanel Business Affinity Backpack, others I love here and here | Earrings – Nordstrom | Fur Keychain – amazon lots of colors!!

Hey guys! I’ve been loving these sweaters I bought online at Walmart! They are under $10 and really good quality. They are a thin knit with a lace ruffled hem. I have them in 2 colors and wear them a lot because they are just easy. I put them on with anything and they look great. I love seeing the SW OTK boots with skirts, but I never feel like I can pull it off. Today I gave it a try and it went OK lol. I’m taller so skirts tend to look really short on me, especially if I wear heels! So I’m definitely more self conscious in minis, but I just love when they are paired with OTK boots. I carried one of my favorite bags of ALL TIME – the Chanel Business Affinity Backpack. I have a blue fur ball keychain on it that I bought on Amazon. This bag has been through the trenches of mommy-hood and it hasn’t let me down yet. I do wish it was a tad larger though. This and my Hermes Evelyne are my most used bags EVER. Since I bought this backpack last year I’ve seen other designers release really cute leather backpacks. The Chloe Faye backpack is SO cute I want it in the cloudy blue color. YSL just came out with a new backpack too called the LouLou. I also have this Tory Burch Britten for sale if anyone is interested.  I don’t get that much use out of it since I bought the Business Affinity. And of course Audrey wanted to show you her unique style in this post also.

She’s so cute! I don’t know if you can tell, but she is wearing a long tutu OVER pants with her cow girl boots on. She also wore her Moana necklace to tie the outfit together lol. I got her this longer glittery tutu from Nordstrom on sale. I also love this one and these from amazon. Can’t go wrong with a tutu! Gosh I want another girl! They are so awesome. Hope you guys are having a good day!