Simple Human Sensor Mirror

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Tom bought me the Simple Human Sensor Mirror for our anniversary. I had mentioned it to him months ago and I guess he remembered. This mirror is not cheap at $200. I would definitely consider it a luxury item. It’s not something I would have splurged on if I hadn’t received it as a gift. But this mirror is SO nice! We’ve all seen a lighted magnifying mirror, but this is an LED, rechargeable, battery operated, portable mirror. Intrigued yet?

The LED light is by far the best mirror light I’ve seen. It’s almost as good as sunlight. And let’s face it, the mirror is beautiful. It’s heavy and solid. I love that I can pick it up and take it anywhere. The sensor is sleek and responsive. Audrey is so funny. Every time she see’s the mirror she says it makes her head big! The 8 inch mirror has 5x magnification. You can get more magnification if you down size in diameter. For me the 8 inch is perfect.

I’ve never seen another mirror like this anywhere. I hope technology improves so more companies can offer similar products at a better price point. I love everything about this mirror but the price. $200 is a lot to pay, but the 5 year warranty does sweeten the deal a bit. Although I hope I never have to use it. I can’t say anything about longevity since I’ve only owned this mirror for a week.

Do I recommend this? YES! If you can afford it then I say go for it. It’s hard not to be impressed with this mirror. It sure does look good on my vanity 🙂

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Compared to my battery operated Conair mirror $39.99

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