Picture Table DIY!

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Hey guys I have a quick easy DIY for you guys today. This total project was about $16. We had this folding dinner table from Walmart for $10. The marble laminate came from Amazon for $6.

 photo 313ED893-00DD-4A00-9466-80E6C9343C44_zpsgckf1c4c.jpg

After you have the marble and the table all you need is a hot glue gun! Start by wiping down the table with a clean damp cloth to remove any dust. Unroll the laminate leaving enough of an edge to fold over the sides. Remove the paper backing to expose the sticky side and lay it over the table. Use your hands to smooth out any bubbles that may appear.

 photo AB0B8ACA-04F8-480A-8496-470F17884804_zps2ya6myjg.jpg

Fold the edges and corners down like you are wrapping a gift. Use your glue gun to glue the sides and corners in place.

 photo 20472BD1-3F63-4081-8A77-7AD4AF96C8D4_zpsvphi9zxg.jpg

 photo 1F0E8203-B5F1-4556-B765-DE4AD120DB58_zpso5iwsexo.jpg

TADA! Now you have a beautiful table you can take great photos on. You can fold it up and keep it in the closet until you need it.

 photo F5873F51-D2A6-4790-8A19-D0EF43AB666C_zpsq9dubiaq.jpg

Now set your items out and take some pictures!

 photo 5F41BCE2-B31C-40E9-ABE2-E5CBB5074AD5_zpsiujn8pcf.jpg

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