DIY Fog Cooler!

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When you think of spooky Halloween fog you think of low, creeping smoke swirling through gravestones and mossy trees. Unfortunately this is not the effect you get with regular fog machines, unless you have a way to cool the fog. This fog cooler uses ice to cool the fog as it flows through the dryer hose from one end to the other. The longer the fog is allowed to cool, the longer it will stay low to the ground. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to control the wind and that will cause the fog to lift even when it’s chilled.

Fog machines are $30-$60 and you fill them with fog juice. You have to plug them in so the machine can heat up. These machines get very hot so you have to be careful where you keep it. Once it’s heated the machine blows out fog every couple of minutes. If you don’t have a way to cool the fog it will quickly rise and within seconds it will just be smoke. Fog coolers are easy and inexpensive to make. I made this one for under $100 including the fog machine.

Here is what you need

    • Plastic garbage can – about $9 at Wal-Mart
    • Waterproof Duct Tape – Wal-Mart
    • Fog Machine $34.97 – Wal-Mart
    • Fog Juice $8 – Wal-Mart
    • Small Box
    • Spray Paint – optional
    • Dryer Hose $9/piece (usually 8ft, buy 2) – Home Depot
    • Cutting tool, we used a jig saw
    • Marker
    • Ice – about 2-3 bags

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Start by tracing a circle on each side of the trash can. This is going to be the entry and exit of your dryer hose. Trace the circle about 2-3 inches from the bottom of the trash can.

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Now use a saw to cut the holes in the trash can. I started the hole with a razor blade, but it was pretty difficult so I highly suggest using a saw. We had a jig saw that we used and that was the perfect tool. It cut through the trash can quickly and easily. Now twirl the dryer hose into the trash can. You’ll have to connect the two hoses to make one long hose. Connect the two hoses and cover the seam with waterproof duct tape. Push each end of the hose out of the plastic trash can holes you cut.

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Take your box and cut a slit into it. On the opposite side cut a hole for the dryer hose to fit into. Now you can paint your box. I just used blue spray paint I had around the house. I sprayed a quick layer then connected the box to the dryer hose. Tape the top of the box closed. Now pour your ice into the garbage can around the hose. Set the fog machine at the open end of the hose and turn it on. When the fog machine is ready let it spray it into the hose. The fog will slowly make it through the dryer hose and out the box end.

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We are keeping the cooler on our porch so when trick or treaters come to the house they have to walk through the fog to get to the candy. I’m going to cover the trash bin with faux spider webs on Halloween. You can cover it with anything you want to hide the fact that it’s a garbage can. I also have some white gossamer that I could drape over the top. I can draw eyes on it and make it look like a ghost! I bought a plastic cauldron to keep on top of the box. This will be our pot of Hershey’s candy for our trick or treaters!
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I bought the Pumpkin Trunk or Treat Variety Bags from Wal-Mart. They are HUGE! I always run out of candy on Halloween, but this won’t be happening this year. One of these bags filled up my cauldron to the very top. I also bought the huge Kit Kat/Reese’s Miniatures Variety Bags. Tom and I love Reese’s so I am guessing we will be getting into this bag before Halloween. Click here to see the variety bags Hershey’s has to offer! If you haven’t stocked up on candy this year you better head to Wal-Mart! Also keep an eye out for the Halloween orange Reese’s with ‘Boo’ written on it.

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  1. Samantha says:

    What an awesome idea to grace your front porch! And you made it seem so simple – I didn’t even know I could buy a fog machine – who knew! Plus, I’d brave the fog for some candy… 😉 #client

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