Cake Pop Recipe

Cake pops can be easy and DELICIOUS. Of course the difficulty level is dependent on what kind of ingredients you decide to work with. I like to use store bought icing and cake out of a box to save time. There are tons of options if you go this route. If you decide to make homemade icing and cake it will definitely take a lot longer.

What You Need:
I bought everything at Walmart

  • Box cake – I used the Betty Crocker Cherry Chips
  • Vanilla tub icing
  • Cardboard cake pop stand
  • Melting chips
  • Pop sticks
  • Sprinkles

 photo IMG_4691_zpsi0tdivmn.jpg

Once your cake cools crumble it with a mixer and slowly add in frosting. Mix in frosting until the mixture can be formed into a ball. Don’t put in too much because then the cake balls won’t hold their shape for dipping.

 photo IMG_4694_zpsd9ammk5j.jpg

Roll them into balls about 1 inch in diameter. Place them on a baking sheet and stick them in the fridge or freezer (15-25 minutes) to let them harden before dipping.

 photo IMG_4698_zps3wwszokw.jpg

 photo IMG_4700_zpsceqtnvwp.jpg

 photo IMG_4704_zpsrjm1wlj4.jpg

Melt your chocolate in a microwave safe cup. I like to use coffee mugs. Dip your stick in the melted chocolate and then stick them into the chilled cake balls. Let the chocolate dry before you work with them. Once the sticks are dry in the chilled cake balls you can dip them into the chocolate. Depending on what kind of melting chocolate you used it could be a bit tricky to work with. If your chocolate is thick make sure you twirl your cake pop to get it completely covered. Immediately sprinkle your cake pops with your topping. We used blue sprinkles then set then set them up to harden. It takes a while for the chocolate to get hard so if you are in a hurry stick them in the refrigerator.

 photo IMG_4701_zps801sll0q.jpg

These were the best cake pops I’ve ever made and I think the Cherry Chip cake mix was perfect. They turned out delicious and we wrapped the left overs in foil to eat later. They kept well in the refrigerator until we finished them off.

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