Lancome Genifique and Visionnaire


I started becoming really invested in my skincare when I was 21. I wish I started earlier, but I was just uneducated about the whole thing. I thought skincare was only for people who weren’t born with good skin. Even though my skin looked fine on the surface I discovered that underneath, my skin had endured a lot of sun damage. This began my passion for skincare.

It is HARD to pick the right skincare products. There are so many out there to choose from and I’m sure a lot of them are great. Every skincare brand promises that they have the magic ingredient, and a lot of them do. I think there are a lot of ingredients that are wonderful for skin, not just one. The question is which one works best with your skin. My skin seems to change what it needs every 6 months so I am constantly changing my routine. I’ve been feeling like something has been missing in my routine, so I’ve been looking around. It’s so hard to shop for skincare at a department store because every salesperson says their product is what you need.

I decided to skip that headache and go to Ulta. After looking around I realized that I had never actually tried Lancôme skincare. Crazy I know! Lancôme Genifique is very popular on YouTube but I haven’t heard anything about the Visionnaire line. Since they came in a set for a great price – $115 for both, I decided to give it a try.

I started using them morning and night with my Biore cleanser and Clarins toner. I’m impressed! The Genifique serum comes in a great pump bottle. It’s the typical serum consistency, but it absorbs within seconds leaving my skin ready for moisturizer. The Visionnaire moisturizer is a thicker cream but it also absorbs quickly. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue. My skin just feels soft and moisturized. I love the scent also. It’s light and floral, not too strong. I have combination skin with dry patches and these two products have been working great with my skin. I’m glad that I decided to try them. I don’t know how well they fight wrinkles because I don’t have too many of those yet. The texture of my skin seems smoother and happier. I haven’t had any dry patches since I’ve been using them. My skin seems to be getting what it needs right now and that’s good enough for me.


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