One Step Closer To Spring!


Now that February is over we are getting really close to SPRING! I love the itch I get for spring when it’s right around the corner. Back in Colorado February and March were hard months for me. They are long and cold, but every once in a while a warm day will get tossed into the mix. That single warm day wakes you up and gets you so excited for warm weather. Unfortunately it quickly leaves and you are left with snow and cold until MAY! It’s a cruel trick Colorado and it used to make me depressed. Well now that we are in Texas I can say it’s been nice ALL month.

February has been packed full of things for us. #1 Broncos won the Superbowl!!!!!!! YAY! I can’t believe it. I think I’m still in shock. #2 Audrey started Karate! I was looking to put her into another activity to keep her busy and she’s still too young for a lot of the dance classes. Soccer didn’t start until March (she’s doing that too) so we looked into Karate. I bought a Groupon for a place nearby us and got suckered into an annual contract. The sticker shock with Karate is pretty real. I didn’t know this sport was so expensive and strict. Not only do you have to pay monthly fees, but you have to buy a ton of gear. Ugh, but once I saw her in a Karate uniform I was sold. You can’t put a price on cuteness.
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My mom came for Superbowl weekend and we went out with her Saturday night. It was cold, but she wanted to go dance to unwind. It was a fun night.

Audrey got to really experience her first Valentine’s Day at school. We made her Valentines together and she was having so much fun. She got to exchange them with everyone at school and she gave them away to her gymnastics group. She’s still talking about “Balentine’s Day”.

Aunt Marcia came to town and we went up to Austin for the weekend. While Tom and Audrey went with Aunt Marcia, I went to have a girls night with my sister, mom, cousin, and aunt. The next morning I went to meet Tom cheer on Marcia. She came to run the Austin Marathon and we were there at the finish line cheering her on.

The finale to our February was the Home and Garden show where we met Jeff Lewis! He was the speaker there and I was SO excited. He was just as funny as he is on the show “Flipping Out”. He was doing a question and answer session for everybody. We asked him his opinion on our house hunting woes and took pictures with him. He was very nice and he said he would stay until everyone got to have a picture with him. Gage was also there and we were shocked at how tall they actually were. AH so exciting!

So February was a fun filled PACKED month for us. I am so excited to start seeing some flowers and trees start to bloom. Spring is around the corner and the weather is already nice here in Texas. I know that spring cleaning bug is going to get me soon. Bring it on!


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