Baby #2 Gender Reveal!

Let’s start with baby #1, Audrey. We found out about little Audrey at our 17 week ultrasound. I had really REALLY wanted a boy but deep down I knew she was a girl. I had had several dreams and in them the baby was a girl. Now that I have a 3 year old daughter I just ADORE I was really unsure about baby #2. My pregnancy has been completely different with this baby than it was with Audrey. Being pregnant with this baby boy is so much harder than it was with Audrey. After having a hard pregnancy and being high risk I really didn’t know what this second baby would be.

I liked the idea of having a boy since I already had a girl. But I love my little Audrey SO much. I didn’t know how much I wanted a girl until I had one. Girls are so sharp and devious. They know how to get what they want and be extremely cute. I love how sassy and stubborn Audrey is while being loving. I had only one dream with the gender of this baby. In my dream we were doing a “spaghetti gender reveal” haha! Sounds gross but it worked out in my dream. Tom and I had bowls of pasta and the top of it looked like regular noodles, but once we took a bite the noodles turned blue! So I had a feeling it was a boy after the dream. We had also read some books about how to choose the sex of your baby (more like raise the odds). Tom and I were trying to get pregnant with a boy, but the reality of it really hit me when we did the gender reveal. A part of me was super happy it was a boy, but there was also a part that was sad it wasn’t going to be another princess. Either way no matter what it is we are blessed and happy. This is my first boy so it’s all new again, like it was with Audrey. I’ll probably still mourn not having another girl until I meet my little prince, but I know I’ll fall in love with him just as much. It’s just weird because we wanted a boy and when it came down to the final reveal it really didn’t matter. Tom is still happy it’s a boy though since that is what he hoped for. I was shocked to see blue even though that’s what I thought it was. How weird is that?

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