Painting A Dresser For The Nursery


After moving into our new home we had this dresser in our garage waiting for a purpose. We decided that we could use it in the nursery but it would need a good paint job. Tom wasn’t confident in our ability to paint a piece of furniture well. I had a Home Right paint sprayer that I had not been able to use yet, and I decided that this would be the perfect beginner project. The dresser was wood not cheap laminate so it was worth it to re-use it. I decided to use latex paint from Sherwin Williams in the color Alabaster. Alabaster has a lot of popularity and I see why. It’s a beautiful white that isn’t too bright and just creamy enough. It is imperative that you sand and prime your piece before painting it. This will make all of your hard work last a lot longer. This is especially important when using latex paint because it can peel.

I started by sanding down the furniture with my palm sander. I used medium to light grit sand paper. After sanding wipe the dust off with a damp cloth. Once it’s dry you can start priming. I used the Sherwin Williams wood primer and a foam roller. I could have used my paint sprayer, but we thought a roller would be better.

IMG_3019 IMG_3020 img_3021

We let the primer dry a full day before painting. I unboxed my Home Right paint sprayer for the first time and read all the instructions. After a little effort my paint was thin enough and ready to paint. Over the span of 2 days I sprayed 3 light coats to cover the dresser. It was a learning experience seeing how heavy and light to spray the furniture to avoid drips. Of course there were imperfections that I had to sand away and spray over. But I can’t recommend this sprayer enough! It made the job so smooth and easy. I could have painted the 3 coats in 1 afternoon with the sprayer, but I didn’t have the energy to be honest.


IMG_4921 IMG_4936

I sprayed the third coat of paint and waited a full day to be sure the paint dried completely. Then I sealed it with MINWAX Polyacrylic in a semi-gloss finish. I chose semi gloss because this would be in a babies room and the slick finish would make it easier to clean.  I sprayed 2 coats of the Polyacrylic and then I was done. It’s amazing how accomplished painting a piece of furniture can make you feel. It’s hard work but so worth it. It’s much easier with a paint sprayer! This was a great piece to learn how to use my Home Right on. I’m excited to use it to paint the ugly oak cabinets in our master bedroom. I’ll probably try chalk paint on the cabinets. I’ve heard a lot of good things about that type of paint.

I didn’t want the hassle of painting the pulls so I just went to Home Goods and bought more. They were a STEAL at 6 for $9.99. I love the glass and white combination for a nursery. The dresser came out so good. There are imperfections, but I’m ok with them. I knew there would be imperfections since I was just learning to paint with my sprayer. Even with the imperfections, the dresser looks SO much better than it would if I used a brush or roller. I hope to get the energy to start painting my cabinets next. Maybe nesting will kick in and give me that boost soon.

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