10 Must Have Newborn Baby Items


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Lanolin cream! This is a must have for breast feeding mommas! It’s a nipple saver for sure. This is the brand that I used and it worked fine for me. Another tip for sore breasts is sticking cold cabbage leaves in your bra.


This is the co-sleeper I have. They come in so many different colors and they slide right up to the bed. One side goes down for easy access to your little one. The height on this thing is also adjustable for different beds.

Disposable nipple covers are great for nursing. They make re-usable cloth ones, but sometimes those don’t absorb as much. At least in my case they didn’t work.

Sleeping gowns make night time changes easy.

We cloth diaper mostly, but to take the load off sometimes we use disposable Huggies Snugglers. These are my favorite diapers. They fit the baby really well and we had issues with Pampers. They absorb well and are nice and soft.

Get a nursing pillow! These pillows help support the baby while nursing. It really makes life easier in the early months. My particular nursing pillow is this one and it turns into a little seat for the baby as well.

Baby wearing is such a great thing for mothers and babies. I’ve seen it become very popular in the last few years. If you are new to baby wearing I recommend starting off with this Moby Wrap. They are long and easy to learn basic carries on. However, I don’t recommend them for heavier babies.

Video monitors are a great way to keep peace of mind with a newborn. And when your baby becomes a toddler they are very useful to see what that mischievous little angel is up to. We found them so entertaining. Audrey would hop out of her crib and play, but she’d dive right back in when she heard someone coming. We caught her doing so many funny things when she thought she was in the clear.

You’ll need an infant carseat. This is not the one we own. We were cornered into buying a Graco that was compatible with the bases we already owned. If we didn’t already have bases for a Graco we would have gotten this carseat by Chicco. Its really padded and great quality. I love the fabric on it. We have a Chicco Nextfit for our toddler and we love it.

I hope this list makes life with a new baby a little bit easier. I suggest that you buy as you go because every baby is different. These are items that I would try to use no matter what though. The co-sleeper is the only item that would really depend on a baby’s temperament.

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