Elliot Is 3 Months Old!

This little chunk is 3 months old today. This is one of my favorite ages because they are still so little but usually all smiles and giggles. So sweet! They are cute as newborns, but I’ll be honest it’s not my cup of tea. It takes me a few months to connect emotionally with my baby. I don’t instantly love them. No love at first sight for this momma. It’s a process and it’s the same with every person I meet. It takes time for me to bond with people and the same goes for these new little people in my life. I think 3 months is when you really see a glimpse of their cute little personalities. Newborns are cute but so boring. They sleep, poop, eat, and our favorite – cry.

This little guy isn’t so little compared to most 3 month olds but he’s soooooo sweet. His thigh, arm, and neck rolls add to his charm. He is such a flirt and definitely a Momma’s boy. With I talk to him he lights up faster than anyone. I have to say the journey between having a son and daughter has been different. Audrey is a daddy’s girl and she lit up for him so it’s nice having a boy who has eyes only for me. Please don’t grow up too quickly little boy! I’m already thinking about how I’m gonna deal with him having a girlfriend.

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