Colter Bay Campground At The Grand Tetons

This is my review for the Colter Bay Campground in The Grand Tetons. It is a huge campground right on the lake. You’ll have everything you need in this campground. There is a laundromat, wifi, gas station, showers, gift shop, grocery store, and a marina. This campground is very large and it accommodates all types of campers . They have cabins, full hookup sites, and dry camping. We stayed in the full hookup spots and I regret it. Next time I want to camp in the dry area because you aren’t allowed to have a campfire in the full hookup area. The full hookup area was also very crowded compared to the other sites. The plus side was that it was situated close to all the shops and the lake. You could walk to everything whereas the other campgrounds were further out. Don’t get me wrong, we love full hookup camping but we love sitting around our campfire more. And since there are showers and other amenities in the campground we don’t need the full hookups.

I would rate this campground 4 out of 5. I almost feel bad rating it less than perfect. The Tetons are just gorgeous but not being able to have a camp fire really bummed us out. The only option to have a campfire would mean giving up our hookups which would be a con also. I hope we get to go back soon though. The Tetons are amazing and I highly HIGHLY recommend them.

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