Bridge Bay Campground In Yellowstone

So unfortunately I can’t say the best things about this campground. We had issues from the start. There is only one full hookup campground in Yellowstone park called Fishing Bridge. We weren’t allowed to camp there though because it’s for hard walled campers only. Since we have a hybrid we have tent sides like a pop up. We booked Bridge Bay a year in advance. We expected to have a campground in the wooded area, but unfortunately that whole area was fenced off still. We went to Yellowstone in early June. That’s early enough that there is still snow melting on the ground, which is why the wooded campsites were still blocked off. I guess the snow melt was causing some mud issues back there since the sun can’t melt the snow quickly enough. So everyone was put in the meadow wah wah. I am glad we were in a camper though because I would have been a lot more upset about the meadow if we were tent camping. There is NO privacy or shade. In the evening was the worst because the sun was slanted. No matter where you sat you would be in the sun. But if you are in Yellowstone you spend very little time at the campground and more time out exploring. We were pretty annoyed when we arrived though. They put us in a spot that was too small for us. After setting up they told us we would have to move!!!! So we had to pack things up and move to another spot in the meadow. We asked for a spot in the shade but they told us we were too large. The spots are the length of the camper plus tow vehicle so our Suburban and 23 ft trailer were too long together.

The bathrooms were nice and close by. They had running water, cold water. There was a dish washing station and a water fill up area. The bathrooms were heated which was a pleasant surprise. I wish the water was too. It was ice cold. This campground does not have showers or laundry. You need to drive to one of the other campgrounds to use the amenities. You are right on the lake though so you have access to a marina. There is also a dumping station on the way out. Since we had no hookups we were able to use our generator during generator hours. Unfortunately during our stay our propane pilot kept going out because it did not like the elevation. It was a pain. Our refrigerator would shut off at random time and we were constantly having to re light the pilot. We stayed in this campground for 5 nights and that was a good amount of time. We were so ready to go by the end of it. Dry camping with 5 kids is tough. Loved Yellowstone but not this campground. I give it a 2 out of 5.

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