Rodan and Fields Lash Boost IS BACK!

GUESS WHAT GUYS IT’S BACK! Lash Boost has taken the lash world by storm these last 10 months. It’s an amazing product and our loyal users know that. You guys know I’ve been a lash addict for years. I’ve tried numerous serums, most recently NueLash that I THOUGHT was good. Now in comparison to Lash Boost it was nothing! I love LOVE LOVE my Lash Boost! I have never used a Serum that has given me both length and thickness. My lashes have never looked better. I also got extensions for years and years but I got tired of the expense, time, and maintenance. I hated the way they looked and felt. My lids always felt heavier than they should be and I could never clean my eye area very well. If you’ve had extensions you know what I’m talking about. Even with the Mink extensions I had to fill them constantly and be careful when washing my face. It was like I had to choose between makeup or lashes because I couldn’t wear both.

The results down below are my own. I started seeing MAJOR results by 5 weeks. Now 12 weeks out my lashes are longer and much thicker. I am so happy. I’ve already gotten a bunch of new clients because they have seen my results.

If you are interested please send me an email – sarahmarie55@gmail.com. Ask about any discounts or new promotions I’m running for my business. I run promotions regularly for new and current PC customers so ask me about them!

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