Simple Pico De Gallo Recipe

Do you love Pico? I LOVE Pico! But I love a very basic Pico De Gallo Recipe that is super easy but full of flavor. I have a confession and I know it’s going to make you cringe. I don’t add lemon juice to my Pico because I don’t like the taste of lemons or limes. The only seasoning I add to my pico is salt. This may be bland for some of you, but others like myself will greatly appreciate this very simple recipe.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Cilantro – 1 bunch
  • Roma tomatoes – 2
  • White onion – 1/2
  • Garlic clove – 2
  • Salt – to taste

Chop up all your ingredients. I’ve tried using my food processor but it just doesn’t come out the same. The chopped onions and tomatoes can’t be replicated with the processor – well at least not with mine. Then just add it to a bowl and mix together. You can add salt to taste and any other seasonings you like now. If you like lemon juice or lime feel free to add it now. Once you have the desired taste cover the pico and place the bowl in the fridge. Wait at least 3 hours to let the flavors mix. Pico De Gallo always tastes SO much better the next day so if you have time, make this ahead of time.

I love pico on everything. It’s essentially a low calorie, healthy condiment. When you consider that some Ketchup has 30 calories per TBSP and Ranch triple that, pico starts looking pretty darn good on everything. Plus it isn’t processed like most of the condiments which is always a plus. I prepared this pico today because I plan on making some chicken quesadillas for dinner. It’s delicious if you put it in the quesadilla before cooking. Whatever your taste is, there is a pico for you! Since I’ve been trying to lose the last 10lbs of baby weight I am constantly making Pico De Gallo. It’s helped me introduce more veggies into my diet and I like to snack on 1 serving of tortilla chips with pico when I get the urge to munch.

There are approx. 35 calories in a large Roma tomato, 30 calories in half a white onion, and 23 calories in a bunch of cilantro. A garlic clove has a barely there 4 calories. Altogether this one bowl of prepared pico is 131 calories!


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