DIY Lamp Remodel!

When Tom is on hospital service my DIY bug seems to come out. We take up most of each other’s free time so when he’s working 16 hour days I have some extra time for projects. I’ve been wanting to paint this lamp in Audrey’s room for a while now. Paint is a wonderful tool for any DIYer! It’s the easiest way to freshen up so many things.

I used 3 colors that I bought from Walmart. Rust-oleum ivory, Krylon gloss blue ocean breeze, and Rust-oleum Candy Pink.

I started by painting the stem of the lamp pink. It was really simple and unfortunately the pictures did not turn out well. I sprayed it 3 times to get good coverage in all the nooks. I started painting the shade by first painting the whole thing ivory. It took another 3 coats. My lamp shade is linen so it has texture that looks weird once it’s painted. But it’s not really noticeable once the lamp is all put together. I just had to work with what I had! I still like the way it turned out. I taped the lamp vertically with the masking tape. I didn’t measure. I probably should have, but I was too lazy. Once it was painted it looked great so wohoo me haha. Once the tape was on, I sprayed it with the blue color.

After an hour I took the tape off and got to see my masterpiece! The textured lamp looks really bad in this lighting, but I promise it doesn’t look this bad in person. This DIY is so easy and simple. I didn’t even prime or sand! Which is probably the worst part of painting furniture. Sanding is so tedious ugh. Audrey is very happy with her new lamp.

Here is the finished product on her night stand. It looks SO good. Are you interested in learning how I re-did those 2 baskets on the bottom? Well stayed tuned. I have another tutorial coming up about those.

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