DIY Basket Painting and Dying

A while ago I posted a DIY project I did painting a lamp for Audrey’s room. At the same time I re decorated these two wired baskets at the bottom of her night table. They were black and cream and they just didn’t go with the rest of her room. The baskets were originally from Walmart. They are from the Better Homes and Gardens line which I love. They have so many cute items at affordable prices.

Here are how they looked before I started. The linen basket liner just buttons on so it’s easy to remove. I used my favorite gold spray paint for this project. I’ve tried so many gold spray paint brands, but this one seems to be the best in terms of color. It’s the Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold spray paint.

After I painted the baskets I started working on dying the basket liner. I love Rit liquid dye. Most Wal-Marts have them in the laundry section of the store. They also have the boxed version which is cheaper, but I find that the liquid lowers the chance of random spotting. I dyed the liners in my laundry room sink. I used to dye in my top loading washing machine all the time. That would be the ideal situation, but I have a front loader now. So the sink was the second best option. Be careful when using this stuff because it is a DYE! Wear gloves to protect your skin if you need to. Other than that just follow the instructions on the back of the bottle.

I spray painted the baskets 3 times and I only used half a bottle of the Rit dye for my project. After you are done dying the fabric you need to run it through a wash cycle. After its rinsed I take it out to air dry. I didn’t need to prime or sand the wired baskets before spray painting and they came out perfect. Make sure you are spraying light coats to avoid drips. Here is the finished night stand below. Do you like it? I also painted the lamp to match.

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