Inks Lake State Park

I have a new Texas State Park review for you guys this week! We recently went to Inks Lake State Park North of Austin. It’s a nice lake for fishing, swimming, camping, and well whatever you imagine a lake would be good for. We camped her for 3 nights and we enjoyed out time. Actually we wished we could have spent more time around the lake. We had planned outings to near by sights so we didn’t have enough time at Inks Lake. When we arrived it was a little stressful because we were trying to find a spot that was wooded, close to a bathroom, and with lake access. The 200+ loops were pretty wooded but all the spots on the lake were booked. I can’t wait until TSP add the function that you can pre-book spots online (Jan 2019).

After a long drive writing down desirable spots and learning that they were all booked, we settled for spot #45. This was was wooded and bit and really close to the lake. This campground does not offer sewer hookups as far as I know….. That really stunk. We did have water and electric though. The spot was nice and level. We had a good campfire ring and picnic table. It wasn’t as great as some of the other sites we saw, but it was OK. I would rate it a 3/5.

The bathrooms were OK too. If you are sensitive to creepy crawlies you will not like the bathroom. I took Audrey to shower there and there were bugs and spiders all over the place. There was plenty of hot water though – silver lining! Our shower was actually pretty cool because it had a short shower head and a tall one so we could both shower at the same time. The con was that the drain didn’t drain quick enough so we were soon standing in a pool of floating bugs. Some were dead and some were backstroking near our feet. I am not too squeamish about insects, especially when we are camping. We are on their turf after all. But the floating bugs in the shower were kind of gross. So I would rate the bathrooms 3/5.

One thing I really like about TSP is that they usually have a playground for kids. It’s really helpful when you get back to camp and your kids still have a full tank of energy. They also had a volleyball net! I should have taken more pictures of the camp store because it was better than most. They had a small food truck that sold hot dogs and root beer floats – although I never saw it open. The store has a deck that you can sit on and eat your meal. You can also rent kayaks and canoes for a good price. I think it was $15/hour but the longer you rented the more of a discount you received.

We did go fishing and the kids caught a crappy! We all wished we could have fished more, but we had our days planned. Inks Lake is super close to Longhorn Cavern State Park and that place is beautiful! I will post separately about our tour in the Cavern. The next day we drove an hour to Hamilton pools. We had an amazing time there. Texas has some really beautiful spots in places you’d never guess. I’ll post pictures of these places for you soon!

I would give this visit to Inks Lake State Park a 3/5. I think our spot could have been better and that did effect the rating I gave. I hope we can come back and get one of the more wooded spots by the lake. We arrived Monday afternoon so I was shocked we weren’t able to get one yet during the week.

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