DIY Hanging Ghost Halloween Decoration!

Halloween is almost here guys! Are you as excited when the Holidays come around as I am? I LOVE decorating. It starts with Halloween and doesn’t end until New Years. This year I felt like we were missing something though. We have a lot of low hanging branches that are perfect for hanging decorations on. I went to Walmart and their hanging ghosts were $14-$30 EACH! They were basically pieces of plastic with a cloth hanging over them so I thought I would find a quick and easy way to make them at home.

Fabric is pretty expensive now days so I decided to use gossamer. I bought a whole roll on Amazon for this project.

I had some scrap wood in our garage that I used the circular saw to cut into stake size pieces. If I didn’t have so much scrap wood I would have gone to Home Depot and bought some 1×1’s.

You’ll need:

  • Gossamer
  • Wood 1×1’s (I used scrap wood)
  • String (I used cotton cooking string from my kitchen)
  • Scissors
  • Drill
  • 1 inch Screws
  • Drill bit for large holes
  • White spray paint

Start by cutting your wood into 10-12 inch pieces. Then screw them together like a “t”. I used a single screw and it worked fine. Now drill a hole with a drill bit large enough to fish your string through. It helps to have your wood painted white because the wood will show a bit through the gossamer. Mine scrap wood was already painted so I was able to skip that step. Luckily spray paint is simple enough.

Once you have the “skeleton” of the ghost built I rolled out the gossamer. You’ll have to decide what look you’re going for with your ghost. I didn’t want my fabric hanging down too long so I cut about a 7 foot sheet of gossamer.

Next is probably the most tricky part of the whole ghost! You have to puff out the gossamer enough in the shape of a ball. I thought my ghost looked better with a head so this is why I did this. Once you have a semi round shape tie it off tightly with your string.

Now cut a one inch slit at the top of your ghost’s head so you can reach the hole you drilled. Now fish the string through the drilled hole and tie it in a double knot.

The best part about this DIY is that it cost me less than $30! I only made 10 ghosts but if I needed to I could make many more. That’s only $3/ghost which is pretty darn good as far as I’m concerned. Are you guys ready for Halloween!? What are you’re favorite things about this Holiday?

I hope you enjoyed this DIY!

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